Immortal Update - Week 36


Greetings, fellow Apes,

Another week means another discussion of our team’s exploits in Immortal, and the results and rewards earned along the way by the excellent players we’re involved with in our quest to generate ETH by outchessing the competition. Here’s everything you need to know about what went down on Week 36 of the Immortal leaderboards.

Leaderboards and tournaments: three week’s worth of wins in a row

Week 36 was another excellent week for us as the players of the BlackPool team secured the top spot on the IP leaderboard for the third week in a row, courtesy of IM Iaraldinho. With Jaggust_BP in third and GrandMaster99 in tenth, we’ve claimed three top-ten finishes for the week. With the talent pool available to us, we believe there’s even more to come, especially if some of the players bring greater consistency to the table, which we strongly believe them to be capable of.

Over on the Standard leaderboard, we’re two for two on top ten finishes as IM Manitodeplomo finished the week in sixth place, and Snigurov_Maxim improved on his previous finish by snagging an eighth-place finish for us.

Combined, these leaderboard results have brought us 0.777+0.224=1.01 ETH, with five total top-ten finishes across the two competitions. We’re expecting to continue to push for the targeted six top-ten finishes going forward as well.

The Immortal Blitz Arenas continued in the new season, too, with the fifth and sixth edition taking place over the course of last week (with the results breakdown available here and here for your perusal). With three top-ten finishes in each of the tournaments, the expected yield from these competitions is 0.112+0.103=0.215 ETH overall, pushing our total for the week to approximately 1.216 ETH.

Inventory (non-)update: the wait continues

For the first time in a while, we’ve opted against making a purchase on the marketplace as the pieces actioned were either overpriced or underpowered from a gameplay perspective, with ineffective quests associated with the pieces. This means that our AUM total stays at 83.638 for the week.

The expected masterpiece still hasn’t shown up on the marketplace, which means we’re holding our fire (and funds) for its impending arrival.

That’s all for this week – the wider chess world will soon begin to shift its collective gaze towards the upcoming world championship match, but the grind over at Immortal will continue apace!