Immortal Update - Week 35


Hello hello, fellow Apes,

It’s been an exciting week for chess fans and Immortal players, and we’re back with the latest weekly recap of our exploits on the leaderboards. We’ve capped off an interesting period of play just in time to witness some significant upgrades to the Immortal platform. Here’s how we did and what you can look forward to.

Leaderboards and tournaments: strong standards and interesting IPs

Week 35 marked our best-ever week on the Standard leaderboard, with four top-ten finishers from the BlackPool team (Snigurov_Maxim in tenth, IM Manitodeplomo in fifth, Bulb in fourth and Lavig in third.) Meanwhile, we’ve also managed to win this week’s IP leaderboard outright despite strong competition, courtesy of FM Schachspieler. IM Egorka23 brought home another top ten finish for us, ending the week in fifth place.

Overall, the expected rewards from the two leaderboards amount to 1.2113 ETH (0.638 from IP and 0.5733 from Standard.) We are still confident about the strength and depth of our player roster and will continue to target six top-ten finishes across the two leaderboards.

Once again, our players did us proud in the Immortal Blitz Arenas of last week, with four and five top-ten finishes across the #3 and #4 events. These results yielded approximately 0.365 ETH in rewards, bringing our total for the week to 1.5763 ETH minimum.

Inventory update: royal pickup

We’ve bought three pieces in total the last week: a POA pawn for 0.831 ETH, a POA queen for 1.5 ETH and a POA king for 0.91 ETH, bringing our total assets to 83.638 ETH in value.

Much like waiting for Godot, the expected masterpiece still hasn’t shown up on the marketplace.

There have been many positive changes made to the Immortals platform as a whole, and we expect these adjustments to drive a whole slate of new players to the community. Beyond the fresh new look, rewards are now also much easier to claim for everyone.

That’s all for this week – tune in next time for more exciting updates about our Immortal team and the players’ results!