Immortal Update - Week 33


Greetings fellow Apes,

A nice week of chess! Week 33 of the Immortal leaderboards brought us yet more success and rewards, and some interesting experiences we’d like to share with you in detail below.

Leaderboard and tournament results: great placements and the return of a familiar face

This time, we had five players competing on the IP leaderboard, and we scored four strong finishers as IM Egorka23 ended the week in second place, just in from of FM Schachspieler in third. This week, Masterconti14 snagged an eighth-place finish while IM Iaraldinho improved his last result by 20 spots to come in at 14th. This continues to show that our roster of players is strong enough to continuously compete at the business end of the leaderboards, which is a greatly encouraging sign. This week’s rewards from the Immortal leaderboard amount to approximately 0.652 ETH.

Meanwhile, we’ve had three BlackPool players battling it out on the Standard leaderboard, with one of our earliest members, Lavig, making a return after an extended break. There was certainly no sign of ring rust as he finished the week in second place, just ahead of fellow teammate Bulb. Snigureov_Maxim, last week’s bronze medalist, also secured a respectable 12th-place result for the week for a total expected reward of 0.56 ETH.

Combined, this means 1.212 ETH from this week’s leaderboard results and five top-ten finishes for us. We’re still confident about securing six such placings on the regular going forward.

Season 2 of the Immortal Blitz tournaments has now kicked off, and we’ve got five and six top-ten finishes, respectively, across the first two events, with an expected yield of 0.334 ETH. (Here are the detailed results for Immortal Blitz Arena #1, and here they are for #2 if you’re interested.) This means that our rewards total for Week 33 adds up to 1.546 ETH.

We’re also delighted to report that we’ve won the Team Alpha leaderboard feature, with rewards to be announced sometime in the near future. Just like before, you can check out the detailed results for the week here and find more information about this team leaderboard here.

Inventory update: further increasing our AUM

Our assets under management for Immortal continues to grow: we’ve bought 2 POA for 1.261 RETH in total (a pawn and a knight) alongside a polished pawn for 0.194 ETH, bringing our AUM total to 77.517.

And yes, much like with Godot in the play, we are still waiting for the release of the extra masterpiece.

It’s been a strong showing from the BlackPool team, and we’re confident there’s more to come from our brilliant squad of players. See you all next week!