BlackPool joins the Tiny Bones Club!

A while back, Tiny Bones suddenly sold out of all its remaining NFTs and this marked the end to the minting phase of 6666 generative pixel arts. So what happened? And more importantly what are Tiny Bones?

The Tiny Bones Club describes its collection as an on-chain Graveyard made up of “degenerative pixel art in-game items”. For a while, degens could mint these classic avatars on Avalanche for as little as 2 AVAX... until BlackPool jumped into the arena and snatched all remaining 1390 Tiny Bones for 20,812.50 BPT.

Why do you say?

As you probably know by now, we like to place our bets on the team of a project. The Tiny Bones team has an ambitious roadmap and its first playable game is anticipated as early as Q1 2022. There is still much to be built and the initial sale of 6666 NFTs has enabled the two founders, s0wcy and 0xADB, to hire 3 new talents to move up gears. You can read more about them in their community updates here.

One of the things that we are particularly excited about is Gravetown, a spooky pixelated style metaverse that the Tiny Bones Club is currently building. Their tight-knit, but fast expanding community is having a huge say in the final version. $BONES is the in-game currency of Gravetown and can be spent to attend events, play games and mint rare NFT collectibles which can then be sold on the marketplace.

The Tiny Bones Club is elegant in its simplicity, yet will capture the spirit of many with its ever-evolving isometric pixel art metaverse. For all the above, BlackPool’s incubator is keen to join forces with Tiny Bones and help them make their dream of a community-driven, open-world, play-to-earn indie game a reality.

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