SorareSorare Guide: How to get started with Sorare

Their tagline of Own Your Own Game is no joke: it’s the ability to buy and sell your player cards as virtual tokens that makes the platform special, a...

Luci Mar 18th 23 - 8 min read
gaming5 Questions For YNWA

"The inspiration behind the troop cards was wanting to give our community a way in which they could be more involved in the success and the growth of ...

KaibyōNov 27th 22 - 6 min read
SorareBlackPool Vertical Manager Transfer!

We can reveal today that Sorare Manager 1 (AJ) has agreed terms to depart from BlackPool to explore pastures new. Since our inception, Adotjdot [ht...

YNWAFeb 24th 22 - 1 min read
SorareSorare Report #43

The second instalment of our January updates from the world of Sorare.

YNWAJan 31st 22 - 1 min read
SorareSorare Report #42

Period: 3-17 January 2022 Rewards won: 19.27 Ξ

YNWAJan 17th 22 - 1 min read
SorareSorare Report #40

Despite it being the holiday season with fewer games being played, our managers continued to push hard to achieve their end of year internal targets w...

YNWADec 28th 21 - 1 min read
SorareSorare Report #39

A quiet week on Sorare with no real updates or news of note. Still over 18 ETH of prizes though!

YNWADec 21st 21 - 1 min read
SorareSorare Report #38

On the week BlackPool were thrilled to announce their new funding partners, our managers continued to work diligently and produced another strong set ...

YNWADec 13th 21 - 1 min read
SorareSorare Report #37

18 ETH of prizes, an update to our valuation tool and a couple of major coups at auction all covered in this week's report!

YNWADec 6th 21 - 1 min read
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