The Alpha: Illuvium Zero

After a few weeks on Illuvium Overworld, as landowners we had the opportunity to try Illuvium Zero. The bad news is that we have a past addiction to autobattlers, RPG & tycoon games. The good news is that Illuvium Zero is actually a good tycoon, even at its beta stage.

This Alpha aims only to talk briefly about Illuvium Zero as we had already talked about the global Illuvium ecosystem in our Overworld test, and we will write a full article on that specific subject. So, what is Illuvium Overworld? A tycoon mobile game, in the Illuvium universe. Build, upgrade, extract, repeat.

There are three main resources: Silicon, Carbon & Hydrogen. You can either extract them from the ground (but you need the corresponding extraction site on your land, ex: you need a lake to extract Hydrogen.) or convert another resource if you don’t have it naturally on your land. You can convert any basic resource to any other basic resource: Hydrogen to Silicon, Carbon to Hydrogen… And that is brilliant, because you can’t lack any resources thanks to that.

And there are the three rare resources that you can extract later: Hyperion, Solon & Crypton. Same system as for the basic resources, but it costs basic resources to extract these ones, and they will be necessary to explore the Overworld (and capture Illuvials).

And that is where the blockchain will enter the game. You can build a special Structure: the Marketplace, that allows you to sell resources on the marketplace. This functionality is disabled for the beta, but that’s where you can focus on producing resources, and selling them for Overworld and Arena players. You are also playing both of them? Nice, so you don’t have to buy it from anyone else.

At the moment, Illuvium Zero is a good tycoon mobile game. Easy to understand, fun and really beautiful, we are waiting for the release to see the global ROI in addition to the high quality of the game.

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