othersBlackPool Bossfight #3: Gods Unchained

Trading Card Games (TCG) are nothing new. Games such as Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, World Of Warcraft and of course the incredibly successful Pokem...

ArthaNov 18th 22 - 5 min read
othersBlackPool Bossfight #2: ev.io

We are in 1999, Christmas is approaching. You hang out in the closest video-game store, playing all you can on the Playstation available, and suddenly...

ArthaOct 8th 22 - 4 min read
others5 Questions For Xborg

"In our community pretty much no one talks about speculation or price. It’s all about gameplay, fun and competition" Join us as we speak with Louis fr...

KaibyōOct 8th 22 - 5 min read
othersBlackPool Bossfight #1 : The Bornless

What in the Ape is BlackPool Bossfight? A freshly delivered concept to you, every... whenever we want. An impartial and 100% objective web3 game rev...

ArthaSep 16th 22 - 3 min read
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