immortalImmortal Update - Week35

Hello hello, fellow Apes, It’s been an exciting week for chess fans and Immortal players, and we’re back with the latest weekly recap of our exploits...

Luci Mar 29th 23 - 1 min read
immortalImmortal Update - Week34

It’s chess time again, fellow Apes! The 34th week of the Immortal leaderboards saw us snatch a top one finish against tough competition alongside oth...

Luci Mar 22nd 23 - 2 min read
immortalImmortal Update - Week 33

Greetings fellow Apes, A nice week of chess! Week 33 of the Immortal leaderboards brought us yet more success and rewards, and some interesting exper...

Luci Mar 15th 23 - 2 min read
others5 Questions For EverRose

Who are you? What is Everrose? I was telling you I'm coming from Lebanon and my mother is Syrian - and I'm telling you this because it makes a lot of...

KaibyōMar 15th 23 - 7 min read
immortalImmortal Update - Week 32

Here’s our recap of week 32 of Immortal, detailing the trials and tribulations (and many successes!) of our chess-playing team in the game’s various c...

Luci Mar 8th 23 - 2 min read
others5 Questions for Bornless

It's a rabbit hole of misery and darkness and you can go very deep into that...

KaibyōMar 3rd 23 - 3 min read
othersThe Alpha: Illuvium Zero

After a few weeks on Illuvium Overworld, as landowners we had the opportunity to try Illuvium Zero. The bad news is that we have a past addiction to a...

BlackPoolJan 19th 23 - 2 min read
othersThe Alpha: Illuvium Overworld

While we intended to wait until the release of Illuvium Zero before writing our first review of this exciting new ecosystem - after playing the beta f...

BlackPoolJan 6th 23 - 3 min read
othersThe Alpha: Mighty Action Heroes

Last weekend, The Herd had the great privilege of participating in the first closed test for Mighty Action Heroes - a browser-based, blockchain, battl...

BlackPoolDec 24th 22 - 1 min read
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