The Alpha: Influence

In case you missed what Influence is, you can think of a blockchain and browser based version of Eve Online. You will be on a journey through the vast expanse of space. The game combines elements of strategy, resource management, and exploration, as players set out to build their own intergalactic empire and manage their team.

One of the key features of Influence is its use of blockchain technology. Built on StarkNet, this allows for a decentralized and transparent gaming experience, where players can trade in-game assets and resources with one another. Asteroids, resources, crew members, spaceships… Players will own absolutely everything. And as 4X players, that’s probably one of the most exciting things a game developer can tell you.

The overall tokenomics of the game will be based on three types of assets:

  • Semi-Fungible Tokens: Materials and Manufactured components
  • Non-Fungible Tokens: Crew members, Ships & Asteroids.
  • In-game Token: The Sway token, completely fungible.

The outline economics are pretty clear as well:

Tokens will be released following the Asteroids releases, to keep a balanced economy alongside the scaling of the game.

For now, the gameplay is limited to creating and minting a team, buying asteroids and scanning them, taking place on Goerli testnet only. But if these tasks look annoying to you, it is mainly because you haven’t yet seen the rich and immersive storyline, with a variety of choices to make when creating crew members.

If you add the music, sound effects and beautiful assets, Influence is one of the most promising blockchain games at the moment.

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