Immortal Update - Week 32

Hello Apes,

Here’s our recap of week 32 of Immortal, detailing the trials and tribulations (and many successes!) of our chess-playing team in the game’s various competitions.

Leaderboards and tournaments: strong results after strong results

This was a very good week even by their already high standards, as we took all podium positions on the IP leaderboard. IM Egorka23 finished first, Jaggust_BP in second and FM Schachspieler brought home the bronze medal. Masterconti14’s sixth-place finish means that we’ve ended up with four players in the top ten for the week! Our other two competitors, Grandmaster99 and IM Iaraldinho, finished in twentieth and 34th place, respectively.

Our two players competing on the Standard leaderboard also both snagged a top ten finish, with Snigurov_Maxim in third and Bulb in sixth when the curtain fell down.

We now have a strong enough squad to reliably bring home the planned six top ten finishes across the two leaderboards even as some of the players rotate in and out between the weeks. In total, these competitions brought us 1.022 ETH (IP) and 0.344 ETH (Standard) in rewards, adding up to 1.366 ETH.

In terms of tournament performances, we’ve also got positives to report. The seventh and the eighth Immortal Blitz Arenas took place last week, and our players posted good results in both events, with four top ten finishes in the first one and three in the second, yielding 0.345 ETH in total.

The NFT Paris Arena tournaments, featuring a boosted bonus for rewards, were also a part of our players’ remit for last week. We had four top ten finishes in the first and second day of play as well, which means an expected yield of approximately 1.706 ETH for the two tournaments should the bonus successfully apply.

In total, this means an expected yield of at least 3.417 ETH, though this figure is subject to change because of the way the rewards are calculated for the aforementioned NFT Paris events.

We’re also continuing to dominate the Team Alpha leaderboard, winning week 6 again. There’s only one more week to go as this feature closes on the 9th of March. As always, you can check out the detailed results for the week here and find more information about this team leaderboard here.

Inventory update: moar chess pieces!

Our assets under management (AUM) total continued to grow this week: we picked up a POA pawn for 0.541 ETH, a POA bishop for 0.648 and a POA Rook for 0.596 alongside a Polished pawn for 0.178 and a Polished queen for 0.242. This adds up to 2.205 ETH, bringing our total assets to 76.062 ETH in value.

Yes, we’re still waiting for the extra masterpiece to be released.

We’re looking forward to another strong set of results to report on come next week!

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