Immortal Update - Week 31

Greetings Apes,

It’s a new week, and with it, our latest recap for week 31 of Immortal. Yet again, we’ve had a very good week in the competition, with good results and performances all across the board. Read on to find out more about how it all went down for our team members and how well we’ve done on the chessboards and the marketplace!

Leaderboard and tournament results: podium blowout and great Arena performances

Five of our players competed in the IP leaderboard, the main competition for Immortal enthusiasts. We’re happy to report that we’ve crushed the competition, with the top three players from the week all donning BLP colors. That’s right, the entire podium consisted of our players – GrandMaster99 in third, IM Egorka23 in second and IM Iaraldinho in first. With Masterconti14 in seventh and IM Song_Joong_Ki finishing in 26th place, we’ve capped an excellent week.

These results also show that our team is going from strength to strength, and we’re well on the way towards establishing a strong and consistent enough roster to snatch six out of the top ten spots on the leaderboards on a regular basis. Our latest pickup, Jaggust, should go a long way in helping us achieve this goal.

You can check out the detailed IP leaderboard stats for the week here. These results will yield us approximately 0.986 ETH in total.

Our competitors on the Standard leaderboard, were unfortunately, unable to bring forth the consistency required to challenge for the top spots, so despite strong showings, Snigurov_Maxim only managed to snag a 26th-place finish with Bulb in 14th. However, this also helps with our rewards total, with the leaderboard positions adding up to 1.01ETH in total for the week.

The fifth and sixth editions of the Immortal Arena also brought good tidings for us, with four top-ten finishers for us in the former and three in the latter. (The results breakdowns are available here and here.) The expected yield from these two competitions combined is around 0.265 ETH for the week, pushing our total just above 1.335ETH.

We’re still leading the Team Alpha leaderboard with just a few weeks to go. We’ve also won back-to-back editions of the design contest. As usual, you can read more about the competition here and the results here!

Once again, we’re aiming for six top 10 finishers across the two leaderboards. With Bulb and Snigurov jumping back into the fray proper for Standard, we’re feeling good about this one.

Inventory update: three more pieces and the wait is on

This week, we’ve purchased a POA pawn for 0.55 ETH and a POA knight for 0.88 ETH, plus a Polished rook for 0.31 ETH. This brings our total assets under management (AUM) to 73.857 ETH. We’re still waiting for the release of the next masterpiece on the marketplace.

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