Immortal Update - Week 30

Hello again Apes,

Here is our Immortal Vertical recap for week 30. It’s been another impressive week for our team but we’re aiming to set our sights even higher going forward. We’ve narrowly missed out on our target of six out of the top ten finishers, but we did snag three out of the first five spots, which is quite exciting.

Leaderboard and tournament results: strong finishes and a first-ever top one finish

Once again, the BlackPool team is heavily represented in the top ranks of the IP leaderboard for the week. With IM Egorka23 in 5th, in 6th and IM Iaraldinho finished in 7th place again, Masterconti14 improved his previous finish by climbing up to 3rd, and IM Egorka23 ended the week in second place. In total, this will amount to 0.64 ETH as the expected reward for this competition.

We’re excited to let you know about our first-ever first-place finish on this week’s Standard leaderboard. Our new player, Snigurov_Maxim, crushed the competition and finished with a whopping 1,096,688 points, winning 512 games with 61 draws and 226 losses – an incredible win rate of 64.1% against elite-level competition! Our other player competing this week, IM Soong_Joonk_Ki, who’s only just recently returned to “active duty,” ended the week in eleventh place. They snagged 0.361 ETH in total for the week.

Once we add it all up, we’ve got four top ten finishes across the two leaderboards for week 30, with an expected reward of 1.01 ETH in total. We’ve also had four top ten finishers in the Immortal Blitz Arena #4 event, with an additional yield of approximately 0.116 ETH.

Also, we’re back on the top of the Team Alpha leaderboard, and we’ve also won the design contest twice in a row. However, our recent results suggest an excellent third week coming up. The detailed results for the week are available here.

No new players will be joining us for week 31, and Snigurov_Maxim will take a well-earned break for the week, with Bulb serving as his replacement. With IM Iaraldinho, IM Egorka23, IM Song_Joong_ki, GrandMaster99 and Masterconti14 available for the IP leaderboard, we’re aiming for six top ten finishes across the two competitions again.

Inventory update: a new barrier crossed

This week, we’ve purchased one POA king for 1.5 ETH, bringing our total assets under management (AUM) to 71.867 ETH.

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