Immortal Update - Week 29

How do you do, fellow Apes?

Here is our Immortal Vertical recap for week 29. The total rewards for both leaderboards have been further reduced by around 33%, though this does mean that the top ten finishers on either will get around 3 ETH in total instead of 4. As previously mentioned, the Immortal team is going to allocate more rewards to future tournaments. They are also looking to bolster their anti-cheat toolkit, which should be of great benefit to us since we have very strong players on our roster.

Leaderboard and tournament results: an excellent week

With six of our players gunning for the top spots on the IP leaderboard, we're happy to report that five of them finished in the top ten, with GM El_Fo topping the charts ahead of GM Esssquire, who ended the week as the runner-up. With IM Egorka23 in 5th, Masterconti14 in 6th and IM Iaraldinho in 7th, it’s been a very strong showing: unfortunately, Oresto has been suspended and removed from the leaderboard. Nevertheless, we expect five players to make the top ten again for the next week.

Over on the Standard leaderboard, our new player, Bulb snatched a second-place finish while our latest addition to the team, Snigurov_Maxim, ended up in fourth. With the return of a recently inactive team member, IM Song_Joong_Ki, we’ll have multiple players gunning for the number one spot on this leaderboard as well.

In total, this means seven top ten finishes across the two leaderboards, with an expected reward of 1.438 ETH (if the full +700% bonus is correctly applied for the Standard leaderboard).  With the added rewards from tournament play in the Immortal Blitz Arena #3, where the whole podium comprised of BlackPool players and two other team members making it to the top ten, the total yield comes out at approximately 1.605 ETH.

Though we’ve had an excellent first week of the Team Alpha leaderboard, we’ve had some setback in the second one. However, our recent results suggest an excellent third week coming up. The detailed results are available here.

Inventory: exciting auctions on the horizon

This week, we’ve purchased one POA rook for 0.888 ETH and six polished pieces for 1.234 ETH in total (five pawns for 1.0 and one knight for 0.234). This brings our total assets under management to 70.367 ETH. With lots of nice POA and possibly a masterpiece coming up for auction, we see further opportunities in this department.

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