Immortal Update - Week 28

Beloved Apes,

Here is the Immortal Vertical recap for week 28. This week we saw rewards decrease for both leaderboards by approximately 30%. This brings us to about 3+ ETH of prizes for the top 10 across both the IP and Standard Leaderboard, compared to 4 ETH prior. On the flip side, Immortal has suggested allocating more rewards towards future tournaments, which is a massive opportunity for BlackPool given the quality of our roster.

IP Leaderboard 

This week has proven to be a very competitive week. Seven of our players competed in the IP Leaderboard. Iaraldinho and Oresto managed to land in the top 10, reaching 2nd and 5th place respectively. While Masterconti, Gravity_Chess, El_Fo and GrandMaster99 came in at 11th, 17th, 27th and 50th respectively.

Standard Leaderboard

On the standard leaderboard a new player joined the BlackPool team, Bulb, who came in 4th. Not bad for his debut!


The total yield expected for this week resulting from both leaderboards is approximately 1.09 ETH. We are keeping our eyes peeled on the nice POAs that are being auctioned this month. Could there be a Masterpiece being auctioned as well?            

New Tournaments

Immortal kicked off a new leaderboard last week, Team Alpha, and BlackPool entered the competition with 10 players. The competition revolves around gathering points won from games played, activity on the market place and social media activity.

We are glad to announce that we won the first week and we are going full force to reach 1st place.


This week we bought two POA for 1.704 ETH; a POA Knight for 1.099 and a POA pawn for 0.605. Our total Assets Under Management currently stand at 68.245 ETH.

New Players

Two new players joined us this week. Bulb, mentioned earlier, will focus on dominating the Top 5 on the Standard Leaderboard. We also welcomed IM Egorka23, a solid player from Ukraine, who will be playing in the IP Leaderboard and other regular tournaments.

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