Immortal: BlackPool officially enters the game

We are proud to announce that Blackpool has invested $250k in Immortal, an on-chain chess game with beautifully designed NFT pieces.

Immortal is a blockchain-based game that allows players to own their chess pieces and earn tokens at every victory. Players can also trade or sell their pieces to other players.

The added spice here is that every NFT has a special associated quest, which gives you even more token rewards if you are able to win AND complete the quests.

We've been playing this game a lot lately and we love it, so we're excited to see where the project goes from here! With their recently updated (and impressive) roadmap, IRL events and top players from around the world as ambassadors, we are thrilled to be a part of Immortals ongoing journey.

We are still hiring pro players to participate in tournaments as part of our eSports vertical. If you love chess as much as we do, you know where to find us… ♟

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