Blackpool Troop Opening: Aavegotchi

As the keen-eyed BlackPool aficionados have already spotted our new troop, maybe even attended the launch live on our Twitch channel, we are already planning our next big move…

But first a little recap on our first trial week inside Aavegotchi’s ecosystem.

Haunt 1 or Haunt 2 portals? Both!

We started by purchasing 2 Haunt 1 portals for safekeeping and 15 Haunt 2 portals, 10 days after the end of the Haunt 2 Portal Raffle. Note that at the time of writing, the portals’ floor prices of both Haunt 1 & 2 portals increased quite significantly, while the floor price for Gotchis decreased. With the long term and incoming game in mind, we decided to open two of them in our live session in presence of our Aavegotchi guru and BlackPool contributor, Marc Zeller. His aura of sheer luck played well in our favour and the Gotchi Gods granted us 2 amazing Aavegotchis with excellent traits and high BRS (Based Rarity Score). Just look at those two ghostz:

Our very first Aavegotchi, named Co-Rekt, with a quite impressive 539 BRS!
Meet Boutelouchi, our second lucky recruit, with a 529 BRS.

The community decided to name them wittedly, respectively Co-Rekt and Boutelouchi. A fine start to a new generation of colourful Aavegotchis, black & white in the heart.

You can now watch the replay on our Youtube channel:

Indeed we got lucky... offers a variety of useful information about everything Aavegotchi, from Traits and Rarity distribution to wearable or portal stats. From the Rarity distribution, we can see that our very first Gotchi, Co-Rekt, is really well placed in the Rarity curve, and that its current floor price is 1669 GHST.

Excellent visualization of the rarity distribution on

Looking forward to the Aavegotchi future

We chose to begin this Aavegotchi adventure with a reasonably small investment, but our next move will obviously be more significant and will be subjected to a vote to the DAO, using the BlackPool Lab and governance. In the meantime, we take care of our Gotchis and staked our remaining GHST in order to get tickets for the upcoming Raffles.
We are truly impressed by the strong community support that Aavegotchi has received and we’re confident that ours will be in favour of expanding this troop significantly, especially with the upcoming Gotchiverse Realm...

The Realm

We are planning to host another Aavegotchi Twitch session with Marc in a couple of weeks, to take you more in depth into the exciting and complex aspects of the game that is Aavegotchi, and we’ll most probably open another round of portals.

Stay tuned, frens!

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