AavegotchiBlackPool x GotchiVault: a match made in heaaven!

BlackPool x Gotchivault is a partnership made in heaaven! Learn how the vault permissionless assets management system is empowering BlackPool's guild ...

HazelstarApr 8th 22 - 2 min read
AavegotchiAavegotchi Report #3

One week into the Gotchiverse and so many news coming in since the beginning of Q1. One thing is for sure: Aavegotchi team ships and BlackPool Troop f...

HazelstarApr 8th 22 - 2 min read
AavegotchiGotchiverse, Locked and Loaded - Get Ready to Play!

The Gotchiverse is coming on March 31st, 2022! Our Aapegotchis are prepared - here's an explainer for you to get ready, as well!

HazelstarMar 21st 22 - 9 min read
AavegotchiAavegotchi Report #2

The official launch of the Gotchiverse is near, and after the stress test was successfully executed on Monday 20th, we probably won’t have to wait muc...

HazelstarDec 23rd 21 - 1 min read
AavegotchiAavegotchi Report #1

Our first weekly Aavegotchi report is now ready for review! Get updated on all our ghostly dealings since we first invested in the Gotchiverse in mid-...

HazelstarDec 9th 21 - 1 min read
AavegotchiBlackPool x Aavegotchi: LFG Frens!

Just over a month ago, BlackPool made its first smol investment into Aavegotchi and today we are proud to announce our new paartnership with them!

Hazelstar & S.A.M.Oct 28th 21 - 4 min read
AavegotchiBlackpool Troop Opening: Aavegotchi

As the keen-eyed BlackPool aficionados have already spotted our new troop, maybe even attended the launch live on our Twitch channel, we are already p...

Hazelstar & S.A.M.Sep 22nd 21 - 2 min read
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