newsBreeders, Speeders and Championship leaders.

The Axies are out of control, The Cometh ships are preparing for the race of their lives, and Sorare gets caught up in Euro - fever. Just another week...

KaibyōJun 16th 21 - 4 min read
newsRewards, Reveals and Repairs

A big week of exciting revelations in the BlackPool universe this week as we unveil our top prizes for the BlackPool Cup and Cometh gives us a brand n...

BlackPoolJun 9th 21 - 5 min read
newsNew beginnings and fierce competition.

Prepare for a slightly longer mission recap this week as alongside our usual data reports we also have some other big events which require a quick deb...

Kaibyō & HazelstarJun 4th 21 - 5 min read
newsBlack Holes and Red Metrics

As we tentatively ascend from this weekend's black hole of red metrics, the BlackPool crew gathers in the the recreation quarters for a joyous celebra...

Kaibyō & HazelstarMay 25th 21 - 4 min read
newsSpace Bugs and Super Rares

As a solid week of gaming draws to a close and a new one begins, we take a look back at the top stories and events across the platforms and join in th...

Kaibyō & HazelstarMay 19th 21 - 3 min read
newsAcademy, Bierhoff and Capensis.

Another exhilarating week in the metaverse has passed and we draw ever closer to the launch of the good ship $BPT.

Kaibyō & HazelstarMay 10th 21 - 4 min read
axie infinityAxie Report # 26

New managers brought online along with a lot of progress on the devs side having passed the POC stage.

TonberryJan 21st 22 - 1 min read
axie infinityAxie Report #25

New strategies are being implemented by the team to maximise yield and add decentralisation and automation is becoming mainstream as solutions pop up ...

TonberryJan 14th 22 - 1 min read
footiumBlackPool x Footium: LFG Frens!

The initial club sale at Footium launched on Monday and we are delighted to confirm that BlackPool have secured 50 club NFTs that will create new and ...

YNWANov 17th 21 - 2 min read
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