newsBreeders, Speeders and Championship leaders.

The Axies are out of control, The Cometh ships are preparing for the race of their lives, and Sorare gets caught up in Euro - fever. Just another week...

KaibyōJun 16th 21 - 4 min read
newsRewards, Reveals and Repairs

A big week of exciting revelations in the BlackPool universe this week as we unveil our top prizes for the BlackPool Cup and Cometh gives us a brand n...

BlackPoolJun 9th 21 - 5 min read
newsNew beginnings and fierce competition.

Prepare for a slightly longer mission recap this week as alongside our usual data reports we also have some other big events which require a quick deb...

Kaibyō & HazelstarJun 4th 21 - 5 min read
newsBlack Holes and Red Metrics

As we tentatively ascend from this weekend's black hole of red metrics, the BlackPool crew gathers in the the recreation quarters for a joyous celebra...

Kaibyō & HazelstarMay 25th 21 - 4 min read
newsSpace Bugs and Super Rares

As a solid week of gaming draws to a close and a new one begins, we take a look back at the top stories and events across the platforms and join in th...

Kaibyō & HazelstarMay 19th 21 - 3 min read
newsAcademy, Bierhoff and Capensis.

Another exhilarating week in the metaverse has passed and we draw ever closer to the launch of the good ship $BPT.

Kaibyō & HazelstarMay 10th 21 - 4 min read
influenceThe Alpha: Influence

In case you missed what Influence is, you can think of a blockchain and browser based version of Eve Online. You will be on a journey through the vast...

BlackPoolFeb 2nd 23 - 1 min read
othersThe Alpha: Illuvium Zero

After a few weeks on Illuvium Overworld, as landowners we had the opportunity to try Illuvium Zero. The bad news is that we have a past addiction to a...

BlackPoolJan 19th 23 - 2 min read
othersThe Alpha: Illuvium Overworld

While we intended to wait until the release of Illuvium Zero before writing our first review of this exciting new ecosystem - after playing the beta f...

BlackPoolJan 6th 23 - 3 min read
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