Everai x BlackPool: More Than an NFT Collection

BlackPool loves mechas and for that reason, we're proud to welcome Everai into the fold. With amazing design and an incredible roadmap, Everai is here to stay!


Ever since its inception in late 2021, Everai has been making rounds on crypto Twitter and beyond, captivating audiences across the globe with a unique design of its sci-fi mechas. What makes Everai preciously unique is an approach to NFTs that goes far beyond a simple collection of profile pictures or a focus on a particular utility of a non-fungible token.

Everai calls itself a brand of Heroes, aiming to create one of the strongest brands that will arise from the Web3 metaverse. Built by Screenshot Labs, backed by a very strong and active community and with a resource rich roadmap to boot, Everai promises to truly capture the hearts and minds of degens and normans alike in the coming years.

The Everai Approach

Everai hits differently from the get-go, with all art created by Mehdi Auichaoui (known for being the key animator of the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie and Space Battleship Yamato, among other things), and composited by the talented Quentin Pointillart. The story of Everai begins with Duo, a cybernetically enhanced being who, after losing his brother, vowed to honour his brother's sacrifice through the Hansei Order, who dedicate their existence to the advancement of life through scientific means.

This story in and of itself shows much promise, but what makes Everai stand out is a complete focus on the community, who have a key say in how the brand is going to develop. The team has began building a strong lore foundation, as well as developing its art style, which will be enhanced by community participation in the coming months.

The team sees Everai as a brand that should develop over the course of an entire decade with an eclectic creative approach, spanning from illustration, trailers to movies and even a series of games based on the universe. In the terms of the Web3 metaverse, Everai is currently developing both 2D and 3D models of the characters to allow the community to participate in the space.

The Everai BlackPool Mechas

BlackPool has always focused on investing in projects that have strong links to their communities and Everai seems like exactly the kind of project that we would support, or as they say in their own words built for the people, with the people. With the launch of the initial collection of 7,777 Duos, our investment was 15 ETH and following the rise in floor price, it now floats around ~90 ETH in total.

BlackPool's support for Everai is here to stay, since we believe that both the team and the project tick all the boxes for creating long term value - from a fleshed out collectible and scarcity aspect, the creation of a cross-media IP to be used for future collaboration with artists and other brands to strong utility through the creation of competitive, e-sports friendly games.

However the market turns in the coming days, Everai brings with it an action-packed roadmap that will certainly bring more eyes on it as we go through 2022, so our suggestion would be to not lose track of it!