PartnershipPartnership Announcement: Mighty Action Heroes x BlackPool

We are excited to announce our partnership with Mighty Action Heroes, a web3 mobile-first battle royale game, from the leading multi-platform game dev...

ArthaDec 14th 22 - 2 min read
PartnershipsCyBall - The BlackPool Universe Expands

BlackPool is excited by the prospect of the stellar launch of CyBall alongside the release of Mentoring and invites you to join our Guild!

BlackPoolMar 23rd 22 - 2 min read
tinybonesBlackPool joins the Tiny Bones Club!

A while back, Tiny Bones suddenly sold out of all its remaining NFTs and this marked the end to the minting phase of 6666 generative pixel arts. So wh...

BlackPoolFeb 11th 22 - 1 min read
PartnershipsBlackPool x The Sandbox: Onward to the Metaverse!

BlackPool is thrilled to announce that we have joined the SandBox Metaverse!

KaibyōFeb 3rd 22 - 2 min read
PartnershipsBlackPool backs TreasureDAO to enter the Bridgeworld

BlackPool’s foothold in the metaverse, in the broadest sense of the word, has been strengthened once again with a participation in the $3 million inve...

S.A.M.Jan 5th 22 - 1 min read
PartnershipsBlackPool hits the Big Time

Play-to-Earn games can be considered attractive based on their concept, their vision, their game design or simply the way NFTs are integrated into the...

S.A.M. & BlackPoolDec 8th 21 - 4 min read
PartnershipsBlackPool goes 8bit style and adopts 256 CryptoPets

A new exciting partnership is on the way!

S.A.M.Nov 24th 21 - 2 min read
PartnershipsBlackPool x MetaSoccer: LFG Frens!

We are thrilled to share news that we have secured 170 Youth Scouts in the MetaSoccer private pre-sale! What is MetaSoccer? "MetaSoccer [https://meta...

YNWANov 23rd 21 - 2 min read
footiumBlackPool x Footium: LFG Frens!

The initial club sale at Footium launched on Monday and we are delighted to confirm that BlackPool have secured 50 club NFTs that will create new and ...

YNWANov 17th 21 - 2 min read
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