BlackPoolHQ is on Twitch!

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Apes! Gathered around the screen, unremittingly scrolling, their excitement is palpable for the time has come… BlackPool is thrilled to announce the launch of its Twitch channel!

Indeed the time has come for BlackPool’s Guild to share the knowledge, fun and game strategies with the community! Grab a coffee, grab a friend, and join us for a diverse selection of livestreamed NFT content, with BlackPool Managers and Scholars, contributors and guests.

What can you expect on BlackPoolHQ Twitch?

Our spaceship trunk is loaded with ideas, so here’s an excerpt of what we are preparing for you:
- a series of Complete Beginners Tutorials for Sorare, Axie Infinity, Cometh and the future games to come
- AMAs with our partners
- Non Fungible Humans, a mini interview series
- NFT Live Auctions
- BlackPool Battles, where our players exhibit their gaming skills
- Live Mints
- Reveals and announcements
- … and more!

Where can you zap?

See you at
Don’t forget to follow the channel to be notified when we’re going live!
And don't worry if you missed one livestream, you can totally find most of the content on our YouTube channel later!


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