BlackPool Bulletin #33

NFT Gaming growing (almost) silently with big game changers: Yuga Labs new CEO from Activision, Square Enix investing more and more into future NFT Gaming infrastructures, Illuvium becoming more and more promising… The next bullrun will be crazy with all these gaming project. With P2E dead, is it finally the era of quality over quantity and the end of empty promises?

We are more excited than ever for this last week of 2022. Seeing how much we have accomplished, how we are growing together and seeing the passion burning in the eyes of the newcomers.

  1. How can you earn money while purely investing?
  2. Visa new goals: between blockchain & global payment.
  3. Inflationary tokens list.
  4. Illuvium Overworld update: still beautiful.
  5. Time Breachers going cross-platform for the launch.
  6. y00ts bridging from Solana to Polygon.
  7. New Yuga Labs CEO from Activision Blizzard.
  8. More exciting projects for 2023.
  9. Square Enix investing again into NFT Gaming infrastructure.
  10. And Merry Christmas from The Herd <3

  1. Time to dive into the VC business model!

2. Visa heading more and more into crypto ecosystem. A good step for mass adoption?

3. A shortlist of inflationary tokens against BTC or ETH. DYOR & NFA, as usual.

4. Little update on Illuvium Overworld. Just a tiny bit bullish on this one…

5.  Talking about being bullish, Time Breachers will be cross-platform.

6. One of the biggest NFT sales of 2022 on Solana, y00ts by DeGods, bridging to polygon. Good news for Polygon, bad news for Solana?

7. New Yuga Labs CEO coming from… Activision Blizzard.

Bored Ape Creator Yuga Labs Nabs New CEO From Gaming Giant Activision Blizzard - Decrypt
Goodbye Overwatch, hello Otherside! Former Activision Blizzard head Daniel Alegre joins Yuga Labs to advance its metaverse vision.

8. A big list of exciting incoming things in crypto.

A few of the things we’re excited about in crypto
a16z crypto is a venture capital fund that invests in crypto and web3 startups. We back bold entrepreneurs building the next generation of the internet (what many call web3), which unlocks a new wave of creativity and entrepreneurship.

9. Square Enix also going further and further into NFT gaming.

Nifty News: Square Enix invests into NFT gaming firm, Beeple speaks on NFT art future and more
Mega bank HSBC has filed trademarks for its name and logo on a number of NFT and metvaverse products, and Square Enix has backed a company to make “Wow and Earn” games.

10. And of course, Merry Christmas from The Herd <3

That's all for this year, folks! Thank you for everything.

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