othersThe Alpha: Illuvium Zero

After a few weeks on Illuvium Overworld, as landowners we had the opportunity to try Illuvium Zero. The bad news is that we have a past addiction to a...

ArthaJan 19th 23 - 2 min read
othersThe Alpha: Illuvium Overworld

While we intended to wait until the release of Illuvium Zero before writing our first review of this exciting new ecosystem - after playing the beta f...

ArthaJan 6th 23 - 3 min read
othersThe Alpha: Mighty Action Heroes

Last weekend, The Herd had the great privilege of participating in the first closed test for Mighty Action Heroes - a browser-based, blockchain, battl...

ArthaDec 24th 22 - 1 min read
othersBossfight #4 : Cross The Ages

It would be hard not to know anything about Cross The Ages. But really, what is Cross The Ages? A trading card game (TCG)? A luxury Reversi? A mobile ...

ArthaDec 8th 22 - 5 min read
eventsThe Arcade 2022 - Debrief

For the first time in Herd history, we all gathered in a huge central place for more than a week. A web3 hub, centered on the future of gaming. It was...

Artha & BlackPoolNov 30th 22 - 5 min read
gaming5 Questions For YNWA

"The inspiration behind the troop cards was wanting to give our community a way in which they could be more involved in the success and the growth of ...

KaibyōNov 27th 22 - 6 min read
gamingInterview with Oresto - The Immortal King

I like the feeling of being a trailblazer. I have been with the project practically since the very beginning. Even when I didn't yet understand what ...

Artha & KaibyōNov 25th 22 - 5 min read
othersBlackPool Bossfight #2:

We are in 1999, Christmas is approaching. You hang out in the closest video-game store, playing all you can on the Playstation available, and suddenly...

ArthaOct 8th 22 - 4 min read
others5 Questions For Xborg

"In our community pretty much no one talks about speculation or price. It’s all about gameplay, fun and competition" Join us as we speak with Louis fr...

KaibyōOct 8th 22 - 5 min read
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