CyBall - The BlackPool Universe Expands

BlackPool is excited by the prospect of the stellar launch of CyBall alongside the release of Mentoring and invites you to join our Guild!


BlackPool loves everything coming out of the CyBall kitchen, simple as this. As we initially acquired some 40+ CyBall assets, we have since grown our CyBall holding, which now numbers around 100 CyBall assets!

We've been impressed by the growth of the game since its' launch, with signups growing at an impressive pace alongside the growth of their Discord user base (surpassing 70,000 users), the number of games played now hovering around 1 million and the floor price getting ready to rocket now that CyBall Mentoring has started. The game presents an extremely enjoyable experience, while the financial aspect of the game offers an opportunity for guilds and players alike.

There is so much more to look forward to in the coming months - from the CyBall Reborn update set for April, the effects of the Mentoring which should have a cumulative effect on the user base. The involvement of some of the strongest guilds in the space should also have an overall net positive effect on promotion and galvanising the position of the game in the crypto gaming niche.

Let the Mentoring Begin…
The long awaited CyBloc Mentoring is about to begin.

BlackPool is also working hard behind the curtains to bolster our own position. Now that the Mentoring has began, we intend to grow the number of assets from 100 to 400, letting us increase the number of teams from the current 35 to somewhere around 140 teams to play with!

We're excited to be involved in Cyball and are impressed by the prospects of CyBall and what breath of fresh air it brings with it to the crypto gaming ecosystem. Just by looking at the weekly updates coming from the team, it is clear that the game is here to stay and everything seems to be going in the right direction.

If you'd like to get involved in CyBall with our Guild, get in touch with Hibee, our Troop Leader via email ( or just reach out via our Discord and let's play some football!

CyBall is a futuristic football-themed, NFT-based game where users can collect, train and form a team of CyBloc footballers and compete in Play to Earn game modes against other teams, or trade and mentor new CyBloc NFT’s.

CyBall combines strategy, simulation and chance into a turn-based football card game, where players compete to see who can score the most goals.