Cometh sends BlackPool to space!


As part of its game verticals, Blackpool includes, a strategy game leveraging Decentralised Finance and NFTs on Polygon comit chain. Cometh has its own ecosystem and a boiling community; while other games merely adopted the blockchain, Cometh was born in it, molded by it.

A screenshot displaying the player dashboard, with a view of SOL1, the main star, with thousands of spaceships and 2 comets orbiting it.
Welcome to SOL1

By design, it is bound to improve and implement new gameplay, new features and thrive as both a DeFi protocol and an addictive NFT-based game. Whether you are a hardened investor, collector or a gamer with a taste for DeFi protocols, there is something there for you to love:
- Cometh: a retro-gaming experience supported by an active community
- ComethSwap: a layer 2 decentralized exchange with high-yield LP farming
- Cometh Rentals: a rental system for 100% passive income
And much more coming…

The NFTs

So far, the available NFTs on the Cometh ecosystem are the spaceships themselves (although additional perks-carrying NFTs are set to be added soon). They are limited, unique and each series has its own set of characteristics: mining range, mining power, mining cooldown and rover power. A large mining range might be more suitable to a beginner while a large mining power might be preferred by skilled space miners. A high rover power will be particularly fruitful for the competitive, semi-passive, radioactive comet farming.

Of course, some very exclusive spaceships feature exceptional performances, such as BlackPool's mythic Sunriser with its huge 33km mining range and 220% mining power.

Image of the red Sunriser 3/3 NFT acquired by BlackPool.
BlackPool's Mythic Sunriser

The gameplay

It is a simple, yet very strategic, pixel-art game where players compete to “mine” a comet that contains LP tokens. Players must anticipate the trajectory of the comet and intercept it with their (NFT) spaceships.

To do so, a player will have to pay a fee to pull their spaceship to another spaceship, or jump, in order to position it to intercept the comet. If the comet enters the spaceship’s mining area, the space miner can redeem his/her share of the LP-loaded comet.

Note that skilled space miners will place their ship with a minimum number of jumps, and spaceships with short cooldown periods will be able to mine the same comet multiple times. Finally, a semi-passive mining consists in competing to place a rover on a comet, in order to mine its LP tokens progressively over a few hours, and recover it before the comet runs dry.

A multi-level yield-generating metaverse

Whether it is through gameplay or passive earnings via Cometh Rental, the owner of the NFT spaceship receives LP tokens. The net value received from the LP token mining varies depending on the reward level of the comets (between 1.2$ and 2.2$ equivalent), the spaceship's mining modifier (between 80% and 420%) and the price of $MUST as it is used in-game to pay for jump fees and change the orbit of the spaceship. These LPs are usually composed of Cometh’s own ERC-20 token, $MUST, paired with either $MATIC, $wETH or a partner’s token as it was the case with $GHST, $PICKLE, $bBADGER, $bDIGG, $ALCX, etc.

Spaceship owners that chose to entrust an ace pilot with their fleet, such as those selected by Blackpool, will receive a percentage of the mining rewards plus a recurring renting fee. This mechanism allows for a highly profitable synergy between NFT owners and skilled gamers made possible by the Cometh DeFi ecosystem.

On top of comets earnings, the mined LP tokens can be deposited on the ComethSwap DEX to farm MUST tokens with generous APYs up to 300% depending on the pool. This is done painlessly and at virtually no cost thanks to the Polygon layer 2 solution. The MUST tokens can also be staked in the “tube” in order to farm DUST, an in-game currency that can be used to mint valuable NFTs, including more ships. All these yield-generating levels bring huge incentive for players and investors to hold on to their MUST tokens, ensuring the prosperity of the whole ecosystem.

With strong partnerships such as Aave, StakeDAO, Kleros, etc. and exciting new features such as the DAO, Cometh Lend, NFT perks, etc. the best is yet to come for Cometh and BlackPool's pilots!

If you own a splendid collection of Cometh NFTs but don't get the time to play yourself, get in touch with BlackPool's Cometh Manager, we'll be happy to take your spaceships to space!