BlackPool x MetaSoccer: LFG Frens!


We are thrilled to share news that we have secured 170 Youth Scouts in the MetaSoccer private pre-sale!

What is MetaSoccer?

"MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where you can manage your own club and generate income while you play".

The 4 founding pillars to the game are as follows:

Find, Train, Play, Earn

  • Send your Youth Scouts to explore and find new promising young players for your team (NFT players)
  • Train your players every day and count on them to play matches to develop their full potential
  • Compete in official matches against other users and climb between divisions to reach the top
  • Win matches & leagues and generate income with your club. There are multiple ways to earn $MSU token
MetaSoccer Youth Scout NFTs

MetaSoccer Youth Scouts

Youth Scouts are the first fundamental pillar of the game. The introduction of new players to the MetaSoccer universe depends on them (known as Scouting).

As a general rule, no player will be incorporated into the game without having been previously discovered by a scout.

Each Youth Scout has a set of specific skills, some are better in attack, others in defense. The type of players they find will depend on these attributes, as well as their quality. Youth Scouts also improve their skills over the time and they age.

Example of a MetaSoccer Youth Scout

Full details on the man Youth Scout attributes and characteristics (knowledge, expertise and proficiency) can be found on the MetaSoccer whitepaper.

BlackPool - MetaSoccer relationship

Over the past months the BlackPool team have been engaged with the MetaSoccer team to learn of there ambitious plans for their new soccer 'Metaverse'.

Our involvement during their private pre-sale was the aquisition of 170 Youth Scout NFTs priced at $120 USDT each which gives us a competitive early position in much sought after game that will also create many exciting new scholarship opportunities!

Follow us in all the usual places for further MetaSoccer updates!