BlackPool x GotchiVault: a match made in heaaven!

BlackPool x Gotchivault is a partnership made in heaaven! Learn how the vault permissionless assets management system is empowering BlackPool's guild of players.


The GotchiVault launched just recently and it has already established itself as the first decentralised, on-chain system to securely manage, as well as maximise, earnings of your Aavegotchi assets. Its services range from petting your cute Gotchi(s) twice a day to managing Gotchi lendings for the Gotchiverse, as well as earning yield for your deposited $GHST or voting to get XP for your Gotchis.

The Vault is managed by 6 veteran Aavegotchi community members who are also veterans of DeFi combat of days past, strategists, programmers and French charters. Until today, the GotchiVault already managed over 3900 Gotchis as well as 4,908,716 $GHST in the Vault, and more than 160M accrued FRENS.

BlackPool x GotchiVault - GotchiFrens

As a decentralised quantitative hedge fund specialised in yield-generating NFTs investments and an Aavegotchi Paartner, Blackpool already invested nearly 300 ETH in the Aavegotchi ecosystem and is gradually increasing its exposure to GameFi.

What could be more natural than a partnership with the GotchiVault?

BlackPool's Gotchis, locked in the GotchiVault

At BlackPool, we've been in touch with the GotchiVault since the beginning and they have been great allies during the preparation for the launch of the game. As a growing Guild, it made sense to delegate the lending listings of our assets to the impeccable and automated system provided by the GotchiVault - every few hours, the expired rental is closed, the Alchemicas earned claimed and the Gotchi is re-listed for another adventure.

That way we can focus on onboarding, training and coordinating new players every day. With more than 150 players, automating processes as much as possible makes a lot of sense and GotchiVault’s permissionless infrastructure empowers us and our partners to do so.

BlackPool & GotchiVault synergies leverage several GotchiVault features such as:

  • BlackPool already deposited its 28 Gotchis into the Vault
  • Blackpool‘s Aapegotchi players are borrowing Gotchivault locked Gotchis to roam the Gotchiverse
  • BlackPool will soon deposit a part of its $GHST bag into the Vault to optimise its yield in vGHST & vvGHST

We're looking forward to our long-term partnership with the Gotchivault in the Gotchiverse and beyond!