BlackPool x CyBall: LFG Frens!


Another day, another NEW vertical for our loyal troops. This time we venture into the CyBall arena where sci-fi meets our beloved football!

What is CyBall?

CyBall is a futuristic football-themed, NFT-based game where users can collect, train and form a team of CyBloc footballers and compete in Play to Earn game modes against other teams, or trade and mentor new CyBloc NFT’s.

CyBall combines strategy, simulation and chance into a turn-based football card game, where players compete to see who can score the most goals.

Initially, the game will launch on Binance Smart Chain with immediate plans to launch on Solana as soon as it is ready.

CyBlocs are the main asset within the game.

Class is a CyBloc’s rarity. The Class determines the range of a CyBloc’s starting skill ratings and subsequent growth potential.

CyBlocs come in five (5) different classes, each with increasing overall skill rating and also rarity

  • Bronze - Skill Rating Range (44-72), Rarity (70-80%)
  • Silver Skill Rating Range (51-79), Rarity (15-25%)
  • Gold Skill Rating Range (58-86), Rarity (3-7%)
  • Platinum Skill Rating Range (65-93), Rarity (0.2-0.8%)
  • Legendary Skill Rating Range (72-100), Rarity (0.05 -0.1%)

Lower class cards can compete with higher classes if used tactically with the right traits and in-game boosts.

An example of a 3v3 Exhibition Match (alpha testing)


Skills are a CyBloc’s footballing stats, which are used as Key Event criteria during matches to determine which player wins the round and potentially scores.

The six (6) footballing skills of a CyBloc are:

Tackling, Passing, Dribbling, Crossing, Shooting and Physical.

CyBlocs are all born with a base rating for each skill which is randomly generated based on their Classes.

Traits are inherent abilities that CyBlocs are born with.

A CyBloc may have one, two or three traits. Traits can affect a multitude of areas from gameplay mechanics to potential rewards and are stackable should a CyBloc have multiple traits of similar or related effects.

They also vary in rarity: common, rare and super rare.

Traits are always positive (there are no traits that negatively affect a CyBloc's performance), so a CyBloc with more traits will be better and more valuable.

Further details on can be found in the CyBall Whitepaper

BlackPool - CyBall relationship

Over the past month the BlackPool team have been engaged with the CyBall team and have loved the plans they have for this game.

We have initially secured 40+ CyBall NFTs so that we can invite a minimum of 10 scholars to start playing with us at the initial launch. We have picked up players across the Bronze, Silver and Gold scarcities and selected many with multiple interesting traits.

On our troop talks last night we chatted through the gameplay in more detail:

For future CyBall updates please follow us in all the usual places!