BlackPool x Cometh: Liquidity Mining double rewards are now live!

If you are a liquidity provider for BlackPool Token on ComethSwap, you can now earn double rewards, in BPT and MUST.

Hazelstar BlackPool
Hazelstar / BlackPool

BPT/ETH & BPT/MUST Pool Rewards on ComethSwap

Fellow Apes, if you already are a liquidity provider on ComethSwap pools, you can now earn double rewards in MUST and BPT! Simply go to and deposit. Voilà!

If you haven’t provided liquidity yet, here’s a little bit of help.

First of all, you need to make sure you are on the Polygon network. Sweet, very low gas fees.

Need help bridging your BPT from Ethereum network to Polygon network? Use the Polygon Bridge, choose “BlackPool Token” in the token list, and make sure the transfer mode is PoS Bridge. This also works for ETH, you can then swap them for some BPT on Comethswap.

Once your tokens are on Polygon, you can connect to ComethSwap and go to the following pools to add your liquidity:

BPT/ETH pool


*Make sure you understand impermanent loss before you provide liquidity to a Decentralised Exchange

First step is now complete. Now, let's head over to step two to start earning your rewards in $BPT and $MUST.

As soon as you have provided a pair, you can go deposit the corresponding LP tokens in the participating pools: BPT/ETH pool can be found here, while BPT/MUST pool is here. You’ll start earning rewards as soon as you deposit. There is no minimum staking period.

About BlackPool current Tokenomics

There will be a fixed cap of 100M BPT.

  • BlackPool DAO is allocated 50% of the total 100M BPT,

    • of which 40% go to contributors (over 40 at the publication of this article),
    • and 10% to the DAO treasury.
      Both these amounts are vested across 5 years.
  • The other 50% will be allocated as follows:

    • 48% Liquidity Mining
    • 1.5% Merkle Airdrop distributed on May 28th 2021 (ended June 6th 2021)
    • 0.50% reserved to seed liquidity on:
      • Sushiswap on Ethereum (BPT/ETH),
      • ComethSwap on Polygon (BPT/MUST and BPT/ETH)

48% of half of the total supply has been designated for LP rewards.

BPT is also on Sushiswap

Remember you can also be rewarded SUSHI tokens on Ethereum network for mining liquidity on Sushiswap, BPT/wETH pool, with a nice current 81.21% APY*.

* the APY is suceptible to changes.