BlackPool x Chibi Clash: A PvP Bonanza

We're proud to announce a partnership with one of the best upcoming anime inspired auto-battler titles in the ecosystem - Chibi Clash! Mount up!


With so many different titles hitting the virtual shelves this year, it's ever more difficult to pick out the potential winners, especially in the PvP niche, which has been capturing the attention of gamers around the world for more than a decade. This is why we at BlackPool have been digging and discovered Chibi Clash, a self-proclaimed auto battler akin to Hearthstone Battlegrounds which promises not just to be one of those incredibly balanced PvP games, but also one of the best (and cuter) experiences to rise from the Web3 space in the days to come!

So, what's it all about?

Our story begins as such stories usually do, with a legendary portal opening after 5555 years - a gateway to a new and mysterious land. Chibi Warlords (that's you, anon) gathered their Champions to venture forth and seek fortune and riches in the unexplored, with the goal of setting up an immortal kingdom to last for aeons.

Envisaged as a cross-platform async PvP game, the Warlords will have the opportunity to gather troops and combat other players for the spoils of war. Players will have a chance to recruit and customise their Warlords with a wide array of different abilities, necessary to master the troop classes of the game.

The game initially released a set of 5555 generative Legend NFTs on the Polygon Network which give owners early access to the game, whitelist spots and an opportunity to receive airdrops in the future.

The PvP Experience

Similar to other auto battler titles of the past, Chibi Clash promises to be as dynamic and exciting. At the start of the match, all players start with 10 points in Morale, with the goal of winning 10 Battles before their Morale hits zero.

Match - the game's main mode consists of several rounds, each divided into two phases, Recruit and Battle. Every two rounds (1-5), the Battle Tier rises by one (from 1 to 3), allowing players to recruit more powerful troops, buy items, as well as upgrade weapons. The weapons themselves basically give the troops passive buffs and players will have three random ones to choose from. These will be able to be upgraded to Level 2 on Round 3. Chibi Legends holders will have the distinct advantage of picking one out of four random weapons, with the ability to be upgraded to Level 3 on Round 5.

Now, let's look at the Recruit and Battle phases for more clarity.

Recruit Phase

At the beginning of each Recruit phase, players get 10 gold to spend on troop recruitment (cost 3 gold), troop upgrades (cost 3 gold), re-rolling troops and items (1 gold) and weapons upgrades (2 gold). Once the Recruit phase is over, any left over gold is lost and next turn players get another 10 gold to spend. In the spirit of similar games, players have a chance to also sell previously purchased troops to get some extra gold in the Recruit Phase.

During this phase, players get to set up the Battle Formation of their (five maximum) troops in accordance with their abilities. After everything is said and done, we move to the Battle Phase.

Battle Phase

This phase is relatively simple - the first things that fire off in the Battle Phase are troop abilities with the 'beginning of turn' mechanics, as well as weapons. After that, troops continue to attack each other based on the set formation until one player loses all of their troops.

Simple, right?

To dive deeper into game mechanics, as well as troop details, have a look at this link.

Tokenomic Design: The Tale of Two Tokens

From what we've seen of the game until now, the anime inspired final product promises to be one of the most polished on the market. But, what about the tokenomics, the cherished Web3 aspect of the game?

Similar to several other successful models in the ecosystem, the game presents us with two different in game tokens, both with their own unique usage - $SHIN and $CLASH.

$CLASH is the Chibi Clash ERC20 governance token, giving players the opportunity to steer the development of the game and contribute to the growth of the game. The token will also include a staking reward mechanism, as well as giving the holders the opportunity to trade their NFTs in the upcoming Chibi Clash marketplace.

$SHIN on the other hand is the in game token handed to the players for completing tasks and daily quests. The generation of the tokens will be enabled through participation in the P2P matches, completing quests and NFT staking. The token will be used for recruitment and purchasing upgrades and will be afterwards burned and removed from supply, thus limiting inflation.

BlackPool Apes

BlackPool has been impressed with the game development thus far, so we decided to partner up with the team and invest $50k initially, with some ETH spent on the side to buy Chibi Legends!

While we wait for the core game to launch, the team prepared for us a Story Mode to introduce us to the universe, as well as a classic platformer mini-game Endless Run for us to play around with. Alpha: by playing these minigames, you directly affect the way the game lore is going to look like, which you'll be able to see five days after the game has launched!