BlackPool x Aavegotchi: LFG Frens!

Just over a month ago, BlackPool made its first smol investment into Aavegotchi and today we are proud to announce our new paartnership with them!

Hazelstar S.A.M.
Hazelstar / S.A.M.

You may remember, just over a month ago, BlackPool made its first smol investment into Aavegotchi. And, if you have been following us on Twitch, you know that the team has since spent a month going more in depth into the game, opening portals online with our Aavegotchi godfather Marc Zeller. The last session ended with a Portal War, and my frens, we had fun!

So much fun in fact, that we were never going to stop there. Singapore based PixelCraft Studios delivered an impressive (fully on-chain!) game that is not only complex, but addictively cute. Deservedly so, the community around Aavegotchi has been strong from day one, and particularly inventive, creating awesome mini games as well as very informative websites to monitor trading and statistics (you know we love that at BlackPool).

And today, right before the first Gotchiverse Land Auction begins, BlackPool is thrilled to announce its Paartnership with Aavegotchi!

The Paartnership

The Gotchiverse REALM [...] mixes elements of real-time strategy and sandbox farming with playable NFTs to deliver what has been described as an entirely new game genre: "DeFi MMORPG". In The Gotchiverse, players are able to farm completely new ERC20 tokens, craft exclusive NFTs, organize into guilds, explore the sprawling world and much more.”

Let’s have a look at the Gotchiverse in a bit more detail and where we stand, in particular regarding the land parcels. There will be a total of 420,069 REALM in the Gotchiverse, no more, no less, of which 155,069 will be minted during the Act 1 of the game development, until 2024. Subsequently, 2 more Acts will start in 2024 and 2026. Of course, being early on the acquisition of parcels is something that BlackPool’s Core team has considered and debated. After our successful first tests with the game, interactions with the community and analyses of the tokenomics, we have come to the conclusion that yes, we want in and we want in big.

We are delighted to announce that we will be actively participating in the first Land Auction (Oct 28th - 31st 2021) where 16,000 REALM will be auctioned and 4,000 parcels subsequently dropped during the Raffle in the following weeks. We will aim for a large area, strategically located in the Citaadel and around... our Paartner plot!

This means that we get an exclusive BlackPool themed Paartner Parcel! This will undoubtedly be a nice playground for the few Gotchis and Portals we already have, as well as for the many BlackPool scholars and extended/associated Guilds.
In total, BlackPool’s investment amounts to ~785,000$; including a token swap of GHST/BPT worth $700K.

Hazelstar, one of the BlackPool Troop Leaders, about Aavegotchi:

I followed Aavegotchi from afar at the beginning, and as I discovered it little by little I was amazed by the complexity of the game: whether you are a collector of NFTs, or an avid DeFi user, internet culture lover or a gamer, the many aspects (solid tokenomics, measured deployment, strong community) offered by Aavegotchi make it unique. BlackPool is honoured to partner with such a unique project and looks forward to continuing to build its Guild alongside it”.

Coderdan, Co-Founder of Pixelcraft Studios, was equally excited about the partnership:

“The Gotchiverse is all about socialisation and guild participation, so we are thrilled to see the massive interest shown by BlackPool. Their team has made clear that they will be striving to become a force to be reckoned with in the Gotchiverse. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming Realm Auction and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

The Gotchiverse

In a nutshell, the Gotchiverse can be divided into 3 areas:

  • The Citaadel, a peaceful playground for the Aavegotchis (the reincarnations of liquidated yield farmers in the form of spirits).
  • The Grid, an unforgiving vast area, roamed by terrifying Lickquidators and rich with desirable resources (Gotchus Alchemica) called FOMO, FUD, ALPHA and KEK. These take the form of 4 new ERC20 tokens, more or less scarce, of which 25% of the total supply will be distributed during Act 1.
  • The Beyond, enigmatic realms that will not be unlocked until the beginning of the second Act.

BlackPool specialises in yield-bearing assets, so how will we proceed?

Gotchus Alchemica can be extracted from the REALM in four distinct ways, all of which will be exploited by Scholars and Guild members. FOMO, FUD, ALPHA and KEK can be:

  • Farmed thanks to a Harvester
  • Channelled by a single Gotchi in exchange for their Kinship
  • Channelled by the Guild players’ Gotchis altogether, thanks to a Gotchi Lodge Installation
  • Harvested when the Alchemica are spilled.

And of course used for trading in the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (Aavegotchi native Dex) or crafting Installations and Aesthetica.

GUILD TIME! Calling all Apes to assemble under BlackPool’s Flag!

As an Aavegotchi Paartner, BlackPool will focus on the Guild gameplay that the Gotchiverse offers, and will install a Gotchi Lodge onto its Paartner Parcel for the players to meet and join the team. The Lodge will act as a social hub, and Guild participants will be able to benefit from special Communal Channelling, as well as greater defense by getting their REALM enclosed in the Guild’s district. There might also be benefits outside of the Gotchiverse for BlackPool guild members, who knows? 👀

Aavegotchi’s Wiki is a complete guide into the entire world of Aavegotchi, we invite you to check it out, as well as their Discord

If you’ve missed our first 3 Aavegotchi Troop Talks on Twitch, find them here for your viewing pleasure.