BlackPool Teams Up with the Future Gaming Pioneer - MyCryptoHeroes!

BlackPool partners up with MyCryptoHeroes, a piece of both P2E’s history and future!


The revolution in gaming that we are witnessing didn't start yesterday, it began a few years ago. Before the explosion of the likes of Axie Infinity or Sorare, there was MyCryptoHeroes, a pioneering game that dominated the ecosystem back in 2018.

Originating from Japan, MyCryptoHeroes was the leading blockchain game for about 2 years since they launched in 2018 and are now ready to take over the rest of the world. Their vision to become a decentralised ecosystem, managed by its player base, had led to the launch of a governance token, $MCHC, in November 2020.

The game historically used 3 types of NFTs: “Heroes”, historical figures that you take on quests and battles, weapons that they can equip, called “Extensions”, and the “Lands” they roamed. The game is set to expand massively, and with it comes a partnership with BlackPool!

To mark the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship, MyCryptoHeroes and BlackPool agreed to an initial token swap of 4559 $BPT for 92,614 $MCHC, with more to come!

The Next Frontier

MCH has announced that no more Heroes will be on sale in order to preserve scarcity and increase the value of these early adopter NFTs. At the same time, they are introducing a whole new user-friendly Play-to-Earn ecosystem with a much lower bar to entry in order to onboard the next million gamers to both PvE and PvP!

To do so, they added a new type of NFTs, the “Souls” (MCHS), and a new token, Rays ($RAYS). A Soul is a randomly generated set of 3 heroes that can be equipped with “Extensions” just like the initial “Heroes” NFTs. Souls can be forged by burning 9000 $RAYS and 10 $MCHC. There is also the welcome addition of a scholarship system with revenue sharing possible on-chain.

Souls have a durability that is consumed when opening reward chests. In order to recharge your Soul, you will need to consume $RAYS. Of course, $RAYS are earned through playing the game. Easy. (Note that every chest will contain at least 100 $RAY, enough to recharge 1 Soul. This means users cannot lose value by opening chests).

For a more detailed look into MCH’s ecosystem, head over here.