BlackPool Newsletter #9

Another week, another batch of news from the BlackPool front! This week, Aapegotchis prepare for the release of Gotchiverse, our e-sports branch expands and more!


This week in BlackPool: the Gotchiverse is coming out on March 31, you still have time to join Aapegotchis and play with us; BlackPool is expanding its e-sports branch to Cometh, Axie automation is moving ahead at full speed, three new deals have been signed through The Lab and much more, right here!

  • March 31, 2022. Yes you read that right, it’s the official launch date of the Gotchiverse. If you still haven’t found your Guild, consider joining the Aapegotchis, we have players ready to take care of your Gotchis! Fill in the form here and tell your frens!

Rarity Farming Season 3 started last week. First snapshot of the Round 1 was taken on Thursday and 350K GHST rewards were dropped the following days to 7500 Gotchis. Very Aapy to let you know that Blackpool got:

  • 28 Gotchis ranked in the BRS leaderboard
  • 7 in the Kinship leaderboard
  • 6 in the XP leaderboard

The rewards amount to 2096 GHST for the first round! LFG!

  • Admiral Hazelstar is very happy to announce that we expanded our e-sport branch to Cometh; we’re looking forward to the Tournament season so you can expect more info soon!
  • Join the discussion on BlackPool’s Discord and play with us tomorrow at 9pm CET!
  • Sky Mavis have been dropping hints about new content for the updated game client coming out Soon(TM)
Origin Sneak Peek: Horn Cards!
Check Out Origin’s Horn Cards!
  • Internally, we've been working hard at our automation tools. We're currently working on preparing the onboarding of our 1400 Scholars and around 8000 Discord members to our upcoming toolkit. In time, this tooling will be linked across all BP verticals and users will utilise these on a daily basis.
  • CyBall is growing at an amazing pace, with number of signups now floating around 35,000, a whopping 50% more than last week. DAU numbers are at 8,000+ players, with 900,000+ PVP matches already finished,
  • The Mentoring push has been moved for a week until March 22 to allow for CyLoans updates, with new art for Genesis/Season 1 Mentoring already created,
  • CyBall Reborn is on track for the beginning of April!
  • The big Unique auction this week is none other than German and Real Madrid legend, 31 year old Toni Kroos - expect some big spending on this one given his status and Sorare SO5 scoring ability.
  • Sorare continue to await news on the English Premier League licensing deal with competition from Dapper Labs for the video collectibles partnership, whilst ConsenSys have provisionally been approved as the still image licensee.
  • This week saw the first weekly stand up between Apesplorers, i.e. Scouts involved in the internal discussions for future investments, including private information and future strategies.
  • Three significant deals have been signed this week for a total of over 100 Eth worth of assets. Watch out for the coming announcements!
  • Remember, any Scout can be promoted to Apesplorer and work his/her way up to lead a BlackPool Troop!
  • Last week in BP news the big thing was the release of our Q4 2021 Report, the finalisation of the DAO vote for March 2022 DAO expenses.
  • The traditional BP NFT Auction to happen in Barcelona on March 28 is just around the corner with some neat details interwoven!
  • Additionally, the TeamFr Gods Unchained Tournament kicked off to incredible effect, with the Finals taking place this weekend, all streamed across the TeamFr Twitch channel. For more info, have a look at their Discord
  • As per usual, Erwan wrote another amazing weekly BP Bulletin, giving us insight into the state of the ecosystem as a whole, so take a gander at it, as well!