BlackPool Newsletter #5

Troops! The fifth issue of the BlackPool Newsletter brings you fresh alpha on BP automation tools, the Tiny Bones partnership announcement, Gods Unchained and so much more!


Another week, another series of quick takes on what's been happening in the BlackPool universe. In brief, latest Axie automation tools are in their final pre-launch stage, Sorare managers maintain their victorious run, the Cometh Tournament Season is coming and fren - have you voted on all Aavegotchi CoreProps? So many news to cover, let's dig in!

  • In Aavegotchi, the highlight of every fren’s week was undoubtedly the Gotchiverse Stress Test that happened on Tuesday 15th. In this test version, we were allowed to catch Alchemica, throw hearts at other Gotchis and even roam one entire District, and boy, are they HUGE! Hope you entered with all your gotchis for that sweet XP drop!
  • Speaking of XP, have you voted on all CoreProps? That's another easy 60 XP just sitting there for your spooky frens.  We’re happy to see that the Rarity Farming Season 3 has been voted to come back, with 70% going to the BRS leaderboard, 20% to the Kinship Leaderboard and the last 10% to the XP leaderboard.
  • BlackPool’s Aapegotchis have started discussing the strategy and experiences they want to see happening on their Paartner Parcel, stay tuned, there are awesome ideas on the way.
  • In Sorare news, another huge primary market sale was made this week as the Unique card of Read Madrid’s Brazilian superstar Vinicis Jr. sold for 132 ETH.
  • Performance wise, the mid-week was kind to our managers as they picked up 9 tournament wins, three 2nd place finishes and a further two 3rd place podiums!
  • Opinions and ideas are becoming more vocal in the community on what potential new changes will be forthcoming to in the gameplay iteration (expected soon).
  • Buckle up, the Cometh Battle Tournament Season is around the corner! While the game is still in its testing phase at the moment, the team is organising a first Battle tournament in a few weeks. And we just might be sponsors...😉
  • A lot of exciting news are coming, starting with a new update of the cards later this week. You know what that means? That means it’s Deck building tiiime!
  • You can count on us to bring you the latest news about the game, that also means we love to explore the artistic side of them: have a listen to the Black Hole OST and don’t miss the AMA with Cometh Designers this Friday!
Your OST companion for journeys to space!
  • Axie automation tools are in their final testing stages, with the aim of rolling them out in the next couple of weeks!
  • We've onboarded 78 scholars and two new managers: Rodel and Znel - both BlackPool graduates. They will be helping with onboarding, assisting with team creation and mentoring scholars.
  • The removal of the Adventure Mode is felt across the board - this is 50 less SLP for all players, however, this is an overall good thing for the Axie ecosystem as a whole. This is reflected best in the price action of SLP on the market.
  • The Lunar New year event is almost over - we're looking forward to utilising the land items that we have received in exchange for our unwanted Axies.
  • Another eventful week for the Lab apes and Scouts as we first officialised our partnership with Tiny Bones. This is one more long term project with a lot of building on the way! Incidentally, this event marked BlackPool’s first steps in the Avalanche ecosystem.
  • Following the vote of the DAO, we announced the formation of a Troop in Gods Unchained. We cannot wait to show you what we have in store on this one! Watch out!
  • Monday’s Scout Lab session was particularly well documented with a very insightful deep dive into Esport One. We don’t keep any record of these high quality meetings so make sure you don’t miss them!

Don't forget to dig much deeper into ecosystem news with the latest BlackPool Bulletin, as well as a more extensive look at Sorare with the fresh Report. Additionally, there might be some more alpha in the Cyball announcement from a few days ago, so go check it out!