BlackPool Newsletter #4

Troooooops…we are back with our fourth newsletter. This week we are spilling the tea on our first Cometh battle, how our Axie Scholars number went up and hit 1000, our newly minted partnership with Sandbox and much more. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy!



The fourth edition of the BlackPool Newsletter is here! This week we acknowledge the huge milestones achieved by BlackPool Academy, Sorare celebrates the champions of AFCON2021 and we don't forget to vote on Aavegotchi to gain XP for our gotchis!

Let's dig in!

  • Aavegotchi team is busy shipping, and while they build the upcoming Gotchiverse, Aavegotchi frens can win XP either by playing mini games, like the Pinbaal or vote for Aavegotchi DAO on Snapshot!
  • We invite you to follow the stimulating discussion on AavegotchiDAO forum around the current aavegotchi trait mappings and the unbalance it could potentially bring to the game, as well as the proposed changed by Caacao, SlickBB and other community members.
  • Follow GotchiU on Twitter, the official explainer account making short explainer videos on Youtube. All you need to know to start in the game or explain it to your frens.
  • With the balancing phase still ongoing and more players are onboarded, this week we hosted our first Cometh Battle session with BlackPool Academy Scholars. The session was oriented towards a game presentation, deck building and strategies!
  • This week’s Let’s Play Cometh gathering on Discord is scheduled for Thursday evening! RSVP here and sharpen your decks!
  • While Cometh team is fine tuning the Cometh Battle, we can already get a feel of the grandiose atmosphere of the upcoming Cometh Beyond game while listening to their track drops here and there on Youtube. Have a listen!
  • After a tremendous growth and expansion push, BlackPool Academy surpassed our goal of 1000 scholars. With our full account creation, breeding, distribution and cash out automation platform around the corner, we expect this growth to accelerate.
  • Two of our most Senior Scholars, Rodel (BPA scholar #1!) and Znel (BPA Scholar #5) have graduated their scholarships to management positions, and are now helping scale the guild. BlackPool Academy has a focus on promoting talented individuals from within it’s gaming community to reward and empower long-term members.
  • Axie developers, Sky Mavis, are looking at restructuring game rewards in terms of SLP by removing the PvE component. This puts the play-to-earn aspect entirely on competitive ranked PvP matches, and has a lot of guilds and scholars scared. However, BlackPool analysts already calculated that PvP was the more profitable side of the game, and as such over the last few months we have been upgrading our teams and Axies purely for the PvP environment, so we are well positioned for the changes ahead.
  • The final of AFCON2021 was celebrated on Sorare as Egypt faced Senegal and it was Sadio Mane who inspired his nation to their first ever international trophy.
  • The domestic fixture calendar continues to hot up and it won’t be long before the Russian and Austrian leagues resume and the Asian and Americas new seasons start.
  • Sorare user growth jumped from 80,000 - 90,000 in just 21 days (metric = number of wallets owning at least 1 blockchain card)
  • BlackPool announced a partnership with The Sandbox and the acquisition of a 6x6 land. Builders are encouraged to get in touch with us and show us what you can do!
  • The Scouts presented Skyweaver on discord last Thursday, demonstrating the game’s potential and dropping early access codes.
  • Another Public Lab Session with the Scouts took place on Tuesday evening with an exploratory dive into Tiny Colony and Imperium Empire.
  • 2 Lab sessions in a week... Let’s try to keep it up!Your weekly BlackPool Bulletin shipped on Saturday with its usual bag of drama!