BlackPool Newsletter #3

This week on the menu we have bits of the Haaland Sorare auction drama, fresh alpha from the Aavegotchi universe, BP Axie Managers in the YGG Tournament and much more!



Welcome to the third edition of the BlackPool Newsletter. This week we bring you updates from the Haaland Sorare auction, RON staking on Axies, last week's Aavegotchi Twitter Space with Lemiscate and the gang, what we won in the raffle and much more.

Let's dig in!

  • BlackPool’s Aapegotchis have been busy last week in the Gotchiverse! Check out our Twitter Space below with our frens TheGotchiFArmy and Lemiscate presenting the Gotchivault. The 2nd Gotchiverse Stress Test was a success too. All you'll need to know about our DeFI RPG Raffle Mythical haul is coming soon in the Aavegotchi Report #3!
  • Aavegotchi’s proposal to list GHST (along BAL, CRV, DPI, LINK, & SUSHI) on the Aave Polygon Market has passed!
  • Right before the end of the month, Aavegotchi team released the second chapter of the Gotchiverse Game Bible: it’s a dense read on the Alchemica Tokenomics, the crafting processes for installations and the Gotchi Traits mappings. Will your Gotchi be a farmer or a fighter? 👻
  • RON token has launched - BlackPool is comfy currently staking in the LP for RON/WETH as well as the SLP/WETH.
  • We're currently rapidly expanding our pool of players, with 100 new accounts created in past week and going live.
  • Our scholars are competing in the YGG Managers Tournament - we are doing well. It's happening live every other Sunday, you can see the recording of the one that took place on January 30 at the link below.
  • We're also expanding our pool of managers from the community with many more to come!
  • Sorare dominated global headlines this week with a record breaking auction of the prodigious talent, Erling Haaland. His Unique card sold for 265.1 ETH / $682k and you can watch the final minute of the action here:

As you can probably imagine, the lead up and aftermath to this historic event has helped position Sorare now in the eyes of an even greater mainstream audience and we are expecting more fireworks in the coming weeks with rumours of this seasons Mbappe Unique and the first ever Messi Unique also set to be auctioned.

  • Since last week, our Scout pool has been expanded with a new ranking member.
  • The Lab is still exploring new Troops: Gods Unchained, as requested by the DAO (Community Proposal #4) and a whole new one...not in gaming.
  • The Scouts and Lab members are still testing out a few games, with more news to come as they come up with their conclusions.
  • A Let's Play/Lab Experiment on Skyweaver will be open to the public this Thursday at 6 PM UTC on our Discord.