BlackPool Newsletter #12


Welcome back to the Newsletter, Apes!

We're happy to announce that we're back in business. In this new version, we aim to share less, but better news and more regularly.

For this week: a few things in the Lab, the BlackPool eSports vertical news, and a bug bounty page for the hunters!

  • We are happy to announce that we have joined the advisory board for EverRose, an upcoming NFT project for institutional art, museum and famous places around the world. EverRose is looking to use blockchain technology to create a way for people to collect high end NFTs that will give them "money can't buy" advantages and give art reproductions a real purpose.
  • Launching of the Ships Rental on Cometh with Team Fr x GGs.
  • Test play on Influence: the wait is over, you can now fulfil your urge of buying an asteroid on L2 (Starknet, but Goerli for the test). It's all Test2Earn: all your testing actions will be rewarded (a little bit, and once for each action) as an incentive to try to break the game.
    Is it a secret that BlackPool already owns one of the biggest asteroids?

  • Genopets : more than 1000 habitats received, and we are currently make a whole Ape army walking around the globe.
  • Aavegotchi vertical is live. Some intense intern testing is going on, more to come in the next report!
  • Immortal: we aim to bring together the best players and pieces. We are currently in an advanced stage of selecting our players and pieces.
  • TeamFr crew carried the Cometh leaderboard:
  • EV Clan created (and you can/should apply!)
  • We're excited to announce that we have officially partnered with XBorg. They invited us to a super interesting space about eSports and web3.

  • Bulletin’s return (and get ready for a weekly post too).
  • We've got a Bug Bounty page.
    If you find a bug, you could get rewarded by BlackPool.

And that's all folks! Thank you for reading this edition, see you soon.