BlackPool Newsletter #11

After a short break, we're back with yet another edition of the Newsletter. The Lab boys have been hard at work and our media arm picks up speed. Read more inside!


After a short break, welcome back to yet another edition of the BlackPool Newsletter, bringing you the latest news from the BP ecosystem. This week we have an update with a small recap of what we've been up to, starting with Lab announcements of Everai and MyCryptoHeroes, more investments on the way, fresh news from the CyBall front and the Sorare vertical continues to capture value. Also, let's not forget that our media arm has been picking up speed, as well, but more on it a little bit further down.

So, without further ado, let's dig in!

  • BlackPool officially announced partnerships with Everai and MyCryptoHeroes,
BlackPool Teams Up with the Future Gaming Pioneer - MyCryptoHeroes!
BlackPool partners up with MyCryptoHeroes, a piece of both P2E’s history and future!
Everai x BlackPool: More Than an NFT Collection
BlackPool loves mechas and for that reason, we’re proud to welcome Everai into the fold. With amazing design and an incredible roadmap, Everai is here to stay!
  • We've invested nearly $700k into early stages of 5 carefully chosen projects that are yet to be revealed,
  • We've onboarded another Investment Analyst to the team,
  • The Lab is actively developing its advisory arm, with several ongoing discussions with projects on tokenomics, game design and long-term strategies with us...among other things,
  • The Lab Team has been testing early-access of Big Time and the Guild of Guardians pre-alpha to great effect, with news coming out soon.
  • Genesis Mentoring is now complete for our BlackPool CyBlocs and we now have 290 CyBall assets to loan to our troops (up from around 100!)
  • The next chapter in the CyBall journey shall be the first CyBall Tournament, the CyBall Royal Rumble, which will also be recognised as Season 1 of the game!
  • We’ll be assessing our Troop ahead of the competition to ensure we are in the best possible position to compete up at the top of the leaderboards.
  • The Sorare iOS Mobile App went live this week and rocketed to No. 1 on the free app chart 🚀
  • News articles emerged suggesting that one of the next two sports Sorare are going to bring to NFTs will be golf ⛳
  • This seasons Kylian Mbappe Unique card sold at auction for 153.7 ETH ($438,140 USD) 😮

  • On the media side, it's been a hell of a month with the partnership announcement between BP and 20 Minutes' new project 20 Mints,
  • Funding for Q2 2022 of the DAO has been secured, and the Quarterly Financial Report was published,
  • Our NFT Paris Auction was a resounding success, you can follow up on what happened via our YouTube channel,
  • We had a great time at the recent AMA session with Influence, which you can see below,
  • listed on BubbleMaps for even more transparency with a beautiful visual element,
  • ...announced a partnership with Jericho and Alvencap to help onboard top talent from the Web2 to the Web3 ecosystem in the form of mentorships,
  • And let's not forget about our next upcoming Auction, set to take place in the cultural center of Europe - Berlin on May 26. We hope to see you there :)

And that is that for this edition of the BlackPool Newsletter, we hope you found it informative - and see you in the next edition!