BlackPool Newsletter #10

After a small conference break, BlackPool is back with our weekly Newsletter bringing you the latest news from our kitchen. Enjoy!


This week in BlackPool news we bring you the launch of Aavegotchi, with Aapegotchis looking for more players to join the team, BlackPool sponsors an upcoming Cometh tournament, BP Axie Automation hits the ground running, the Lab boys had a blast in Barcelona and have a bag full of fresh potential partnerships and so much more, right here!

  • After the first edition of the ALPHA mission tournament, Cometh goes big with the 2nd Tournament: pool prize is at 2000$. BlackPool will be sponsoring one of the upcoming tournaments, so stay tuned!

    Join the battle, sharpen your decks!
  • Howdy Space Ape Cadet, is this your first time on a galactic mission? Check the tutorial below and get your ship ready 👇
  • In Axie news, the recent hack affected the entirety of the ecosystem, with token prices now seen as speculative until the reimbursement details become public.
  • The Origins guide has been released and is available at the link below. It still leaves many questions open on how the gameplay will look like and how the play and earn aspect will be implemented. In our opinion, it will definitely be part of the gameplay, but only in the form of tournament winnings. This speculation has most likely caused Axie prices to rise.
Announcing Origin’s All-New Arena Mode!
Axie Tech just dropped a guide to Origin’s Arena Mode (PVP)
  • On the side of BlackPool, Automation v1 has just been implemented and will be rolled out to other verticals in due course.
  • The Gotchiverse launched last Thursday, frens! What a ride! At BlackPool, we already onboarded more than 150 players, and the Guild collected so far 4K FUD, 1.9K FOMO, 863 ALPHA and 376 KEK. Watch out for a nice BlackPool Le Golden Aaltar craft soon!
  • BlackPool has developed its own Aavegotchi dashboard, where you can monitor the rentals and soon you'll also be able to see where you rank as a player. We’ll be adding more features to help you make the most of your time in the Gotchiverse!
The BP Aapegotchi Dashboard

If you’re keen on playing with the Aapegotchi frens and collect your first Alchemicas, jump on the application form!

See you in the Gotchiverse! 👻 🦍

  • In CyBall news this week, Genesis Mentoring is now complete for our BlackPool CyBlocs and we now have 290 CyBall assets to loan to our troops (up from around 100!)
  • The next chapter in the CyBall journey shall be the first CyBall Tournament, the CyBall Royal Rumble which will also be recognised as Season 1 of the game!
  • Moving forward, we’ll be assessing our Troop ahead of the competition to ensure we are in the best possible position to compete up at the top of the leaderboards.
  • The long awaited inaugural Sorare Community event was broadcasted on YouTube.
  • U23 were the flavour of the week, as BlackPool managers scooped 2 huge youth prospects (Jude Bellingham of Dortmund and Nuno Mendes of PSG)
  • An incredible video to celebrate the Sorare experience won by 2 fans (VIP trip to watch Sevilla v Real Betis derby) really hyped up the community! A must watch!
  • The Lab’s minions have been roaming the streets of Barcelona, looking for the best projects coming out of the Avalanche Summit. Needless to say, we came back with Telegram full of potential partners!
  • Diversifying will be in focus for the rest of the second quarter of 2022. To this effect we’re actively looking beyond blockchain gaming, but don’t worry, there are still a few games coming up!
  • A Q2 budget for the Lab to spend in private deals will be presented to the DAO soon.
  • In other BP news, our Barcelona NFT Auction passed with flying colours, with the next one taking place in Paris on April 12, part of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit!
  • We've officially announced our partnership with one of the leaders in the TreasureDAO ecosystem, BattleFly, the home of flying mechas.
When Mechas Soar - BlackPool x BattleFly
BlackPool is proud to announce the partnership with BattleFly, the upcoming TreasureDAO metaverse fighting mechas!
  • Our CyBall Troop is growing at a rapid pace and we're looking for more players, check out the article below for more information!