BlackPool Newsletter #1

In order to get you a digest of all BlackPool news and fresh updates from the ecosystem, we decided to prepare a weekly newsletter to help you navigate what’s cooking in the BlackPool HQ.

Here be the first, may there be many!

Good afternoon, troops!

This week has been a busy week at BlackPool HQ as per usual. In our maiden newsletter, we bring you updates on Cometh and Aavegotchi, the latest from the depths of our Lab, as well as an announcement of the NFT Paris event with Julien Bouteloup and S.A.M. taking the stage, an NFT poster auction and the upcoming OVR AMA set to happen on Twitter Space next week.

  • Aavegotchi released the Introduction of the Game Bible, the first chapter of a comprehensive Gotchiverse game manual. We learn that the game, initially set to be released, is going to endure a couple more necessary stress-tests. We love the team’s careful (and community oriented!) approach.
  • The long-awaited Wearable Raffle is finally coming our way, folks! Set the date on your calendar for January 26-29 at 2 PM UTC. The “DeFi RPG” theme couldn’t be more desirable - a special mention goes to the Geisha and Bushidogotchi sets, looks rare 👀. We heard through the grapevine that many people saved their Frens for this special occasion, as we did, what’s your strategy?
  • Welcome to the Gotchivault project, a great initiative that’s following in Aavegotchi’s decentralised and fully on-chain footsteps, offering to take care of your Gotchis and make you a passive income on your GHST. Oh and they plan to integrate Aave's aTokens and Qi Dao to maximise your return. How cool is that?
  • The testing phase continues for the Cometh Battle opus. The team is implementing new cards every week while continuing to work out the bugs and balance the meta. Sign up here if you want to join the beta 👩🏼‍🚀, and join us on Discord for weekly cozy battle evenings!
  • On the side of the DEX, The Luchadores ($LUCHA) is the last partner to join with 2 new pools! and earn currently up to 208% APY!
  • NFT Paris is coming up this Saturday. We can’t wait to hear the news from Cometh!
  • The BlackPool Lab has opened a new force composed of motivated and skilled community members to help with the research activities – the Scouts. Over the past week, 16 new recruits have joined the ranks of this organised community. You feel like going full web3? You have a special set of skills? Apply, contribute and get yourself shortlisted to manage BlackPool’s next Troop!
  • The community proposal #4 for Gods Unchained has been approved unanimously by the DAO with 0% against the formation of the new Troop. The Scouts and the Lab members are currently looking into sensible numbers for the investment. Stay Tuned!
  • There are currently 6 on-going investments and 3 games in the testing stage. Don’t forget that you can contribute, either casually or regularly as part of the Scouts.

BlackPool hits up the Eiffel Tower yet again! The amazing team of NFT Paris prepared an overall amazing event kicking off on January 22 with an incredible cast hailing from Sothebies to Sandbox, Cometh, as well as our very own Julien Bouteloup and S.A.M. taking the stage, discussing novel financial tools, as well as the fate of Web3 in the hands of communities.

Last, but not least, next week we will be meeting up with OVR on our Twitter Space to discuss all news OVR, share some neat alpha and banter about the future in virtual reality. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter and come join us and chat!