BlackPool Joins the Move-to-Earn Movement with Genopets!


Genopets is one of those upcoming games that seems captivating from the get-go. Inspired by the wearable of the days of yore Tamagotchi, the collect-em-all mechanics of Pokemon and an added flavour of crafting and collecting derived from Animal Crossing, Genopets hits differently with its' novel move-to-earn mechanics.

What does move-to-earn mean? Put simply, Genopets represents a unique approach to the play-to-earn mechanic by rewarding player's real life movement - the game syncs data with wearables and smartphone sensors which in turn nurtures, trains, upgrades and prepares the player's Genopet for battle.

This means you can leave behind your regular gaming grind and start moving, which will improve your Genopet and make it battle-ready!

The tokenomics of the game are split into two basic concepts, the $GENE token, the $KI token. The $GENE token is given to Genopet owners and represents the governance token of the protocol, while $KI is used as the in-game currency, used to craft Habitats for your Genopets, accelerate their evolution, buy items and so on.

Sweat Equity

In order to enable the game to be available to a mass audience, all Genopets players start in a free-to-play economy, where all in-game interactions and physical exercise/grinding is rewarded with XP  and evolution of their creatures through long-term value appreciation.

Essentially, as your Genopet becomes more powerful, it becomes more valuable and tradable in the open market. However, if the players decide to become more active in the marketplace, they can purchase a Habitat for their Genopet, thus enabling it to evolve more quickly and start accruing the $KI token in this way.

Genopets is also fully customisable, with many choices to be made by the player which adapt their creature to the owner's personality as they advance through the game!

Why Genopets?

Genopets enters the blockchain gaming space with a very unique mechanic, inspired by the challenges seen in fitness apps like Strava with intriguing tokenomic design, powerful backing and a rapidly growing community. It is for these reasons BlackPool decided to invest $100,000 in the development of the game and set itself as one of the supporters of the protocol.

We look forward to what's coming up next in the Genopets universe and the move-to-earn movement!