Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG where you team up with friends to adventure across time and space.

BlackPool hits the Big Time

Play-to-Earn games can be considered attractive based on their concept, their vision, their game design or simply the way NFTs are integrated into the gameplay. Here, Big Time combines all of the above into a stylish, Free-to-Play, multiplayer action RPG.

S.A.M. BlackPool
S.A.M. / BlackPool

Play-to-Earn games can be considered attractive based on their concept, their vision, their game design or simply the way that NFTs are integrated into the gameplay. In this instance, Big Time delivers all of the above in a stylish, Free-to-Play, multiplayer action RPG.

The apes in the BlackPool Lab looked into time itself, and they liked what they saw.

Our Lab Researchers were not only impressed by the very appealing nature of the game, but also by the brilliant team behind it. With Big Time Studios and their solid collective of experts from the gaming and crypto industries, (including Epic Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Riot Games and, BlackPool has decided that an early and substantial investment is money well-spent.

We’re delighted to announce that BlackPool has purchased $500,000 worth of SPACE NFTs!

With these pre-sold NFTs, Big Time demonstrates the game’s interest in large guilds and seizes the opportunity to strengthen its community. Big Time Studios have expressed their intent to assist organisations such as BlackPool with a built-in system that streamlines scholarship operations (including the delegation of game items necessary for the P2E aspects as well as revenue-sharing) and with our great wealth of SPACE NFTs BlackPool will be looking to onboard hundreds of new scholars when the game launches.

To learn more about the partnership, see footage of the game and listen to Big Time answer questions from BlackPool and its community, head over to our YouTube channel or click the link below:

About the game

Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG where you team up with friends to adventure across time and space.

The ambition is real, Big Time wants to be the first AAA game with NFTs and tokens as key aspects of the gameplay. At the same time, the game aims to be free-to-play and accessible to the masses, meaning that no prior knowledge of crypto will be required to play. The gameplay has been loosely described as “80% Diablo 2 and 20% World of Warcraft with a time travel theme”.

The MMORPG component is a timeless classic that includes interoperable combat-oriented classes (tank, healer, mage, damage dealer) and large common maps to socialise and show off your gear and hard-earned loot. The gameplay itself is closer to Diablo 2, killing enemies, getting better loot, killing stronger enemies, etc. This recipe already works well in itself, but adding the ownership and freedom to trade that the NFT component brings, will take it to the next level.

It is still early to talk about the combat dynamics but we have every confidence in the Big Time Studios team to deliver something truly remarkable. The extent of their talent can already be seen in the clever choice of aesthetics, with an art direction that clearly aims at being timeless. It's no coincidence that the art style is simple, polished, non-photorealistic and with a strong retro style. It serves both the lifetime of the game itself and the gameplay, the latter being supported by a storyline that allows the player to evolve in a game that knows no time boundaries.

As heard during the AMA, the gamers will potentially be able to explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilisations, time-travelling from medieval Japan to the furthest reaches of space and fighting with lightsabers.

In their journey through history, players will collect rare and legendary NFT items to bring back to their own Time Machine. This “pocket metaverse”, (necessary to host a 'Timekeeper' and craft the 'Hourglass' among many other things), will be found in-game or will be purchasable in the up-coming sale. You will need an 'Hourglass' to hunt for tokens in-game and there will be no other way to acquire those. There are no pre-sales, no ICO, no team contributions. The Big Time token will be community driven and will be extensively used in-game for crafting, repairing or purchasing in the marketplace.

There will be two kinds of items, tradeable cosmetic NFTs and account-bound gear with in-game bonuses. This model ensures that Big Time can remain Play-to-Earn while avoiding Pay-to-Win dynamics. So far, the Vault (Big Time’s own patented technology) is built on Ethereum and aims to be chain agnostic (in fact Big Time Studios already minted early-access passes on BSC and Polygon). But don’t worry, there won’t be any gas fees to worry about until you decide to withdraw tradable NFTs from the Vault onto Ethereum (or another chain in the future).

Because of the bridge between the Vault and Ethereum, Big Time will also include NFTs and games from partner-projects. Truly an exciting prospect for a AAA game!

Big Time early access will start in early 2022 and will initially be available to Gold, Silver, and Jade VIP passes only. To keep up to date with the latest developments and to find out when Big Time will open up for all users, stay tuned here or make sure to follow us on twitter.