BlackPool has Landed

We have come to your planet to introduce BlackPool — a first-of-its-kind, actively managed, tokenised NFT fund.


From sports cards, to game items, to digital art, the NFT economy is quickly establishing itself as a thriving sector of the global marketplace, with a number of these scarce digital assets being traded for hundreds of thousands — some millions — of dollars.

Just like in the traditional collectibles markets, the highest returns are made by specialists; those with a sophisticated understanding of the nuances of each platform and market sector. These individuals are bound to dominate the NFT market and secure a disproportionate amount of the returns fetched by unique digital assets.

We decided things could be done differently. We have come to your planet to introduce BlackPool — a first-of-its-kind, actively managed, tokenised NFT fund. BlackPool’s ambition is to democratise access to the most sophisticated, highest-yield generating assets and strategies in crypto, while giving everyone the opportunity to reap the rewards.

BlackPool is the first on-chain protocol to combine long tail investment analysis, AI and self-organising team/guilds to generate passive income. The DAO currently focuses on three components: portfolio investments, competitive gaming, and the incubation of creativity.

Ultimately, we are a DAO. By the people, for the people. There is no difference between the community and the contributors — Blackpool is a collective. No matter who you are, come with ideas, passion and creativity. BlackPool is your home.

Currently the DAO consists of the best in the business, from engineers, to gamers, crypto creatives and you, the community. Our unique advantages are an abundance of brain power, self organisation and collective capital that yields returns from the best NFT platforms.

You can gain exposure to the portfolio and access voting rights by holding the BlackPool token; (Ticker: BPT).

The BlackPool Token

BPT (ERC-20) is the governance token of BlackPool. BPT is essential for distributing its operations, ensuring that no central party can make decisions about how the platform operates.

The vision is that BPT will be used as a tool to create self organising teams or troops whose actions accumulate value back to BlackPool.

Each troop focusses on a subset of novel yield generating NFT assets. Currently we have 3 troops (Sorare, Axies and Cometh), the entirety of all of the troops put together is called The Barrel, whose total value is channelled back into BlackPool.

Staking BPT returns the xBPT token, which represents your share in the community ownership of our NFTs. By staking BPT you also participate in the ability to earn a share of the yield generated by The Barrel and unleash other special features in the future. The amount of yield shared with stakers will be determined by the DAO, via our governance structure.

BPT total supply is capped at 100M tokens.

40% to ~60 contributors, vesting over 5 years.

60% to the BlackPool Community, of which 1.5% is being airdropped.

The BPT token address is: 0x0eC9F76202a7061eB9b3a7D6B59D36215A7e37da


BlackPool wants to reward active participants of the NFT community and invite them to invest in our platform, so we decided to airdrop BPT to the most dedicated users and subscribers of various NFT protocols.

From a technical perspective, we are particularly proud to be able to share this airdrop with the Sorare community. Their wallets are semi-custodial, which makes claiming an airdrop impossible using traditional mechanisms. Our team developed a first-of-its-kind solution in coordination with Sorare which will allow users to claim an airdrop using the Matic/Polygon network. As such, the specific instructions for claiming a Sorare airdrop can be found here.

We will be airdropping 1.5 million BPT tokens (1.5% of total BPT supply) to the following protocols, as of their respective snapshot dates.

*on the snapshot date, not previous holders

List of Airdrop Addresses

Users can search the list of eligible addresses here.

Claimable Dates

You have a total of 14 days to claim your tokens. Any time during the first 10 days you can claim 100% of your tokens. After which, the claimable amount will begin decreasing by 25% every day for 4 days, until it reaches 0.

Airdrop Start Time: 1622195718

Friday, 28 May 2021 09:55:18 UTC

Airdrop Decreasing Period Begins: 1622973318

Monday, 6 June 2021 09:55:18 UTC

Airdrop End Time: 1623318918

Friday, 10 June 2021 09:55:18 UTC

Liquidity Pools:

Ethereum mainnet, Sushiswap — BPT / ETH:

Polygon mainnet, ComethSwap — BPT / MUST:


As BPT is a governance token, users can eventually expect to use the token to make proposals to DAO members via our forum, such as new NFT investments, or distribution of yield to stakers. Troops via the forum with members of the community deciding if this is an idea that the DAO should pursue. We are currently working with a best-in-class governance protocol to help deploy v1 of this framework in the very near future.

This community driven approach means BlackPool will always provide users with exposure to the latest opportunities, and encourage growth across the industry by providing the ecosystem with a platform to contribute their advanced NFT strategies.

How to get involved

💰 Hold $BPT, Stake $xBPT, get exposition to a broad range of yield-bearing NFTs

🎓 Join BlackPool Academy … play using our NFTs

📊 Join as a BlackPool Vertical Manager … expert management and yield

🖼 Contribute your NFTs … Get $BPT

🦍 Contribute:

  • 🧑‍💻 Code
  • 🕵️ Research games/verticals
  • 🤡 Memes