BlackPool goes 8bit style and adopts 256 CryptoPets

A new exciting partnership is on the way!


We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with a lot of promises and a rich ecosystem in the making: CryptoPets !

As they put it themselves: “CryptoPets is the beginning of something big.”

So we researched, we agreed, we aped.

In a glorious token swap (9,091 BPT for 256 NFTs), BlackPool demonstrated its full support in the team’s games and vision and now entrusts them with delivering a ground-breaking metaverse! CryptoPets mixes everything that BlackPool is excited about into one project: Classy NFTs, smart design, AR visuals, P2E gaming mechanics, blockchain interoperability and a vision for a truly open-source NFT gaming metaverse, the Omniverse.

As you can imagine, this initial pet/avatar series is merely the beginning of something much bigger, of which these genesis 8bit-flavoured CryptoPets will be the first keys, 9999 of them to be exact. On top of our 256 bits of the collection, we got gifted this little honorary ape:

we will cherish our very own CryptoPet!

For the NFT pets/avatars, the team has chosen Solana as a first blockchain to drop their collection and later showcase the upcoming blockchain interoperability, as the Omniverse will be on the Ethereum blockchain. Needless to say, we are excited about their very own Layer 2 bridge!

While we wait for the blockchain-interoperable open-source NFT gaming ecosystem, we will soon be able to play CryptoDash, a Play-to-earn minigame with a strong Squid Game vibe. In CryptoDash, you will be able to enter a lobby, for a fee, and the top 3 players will split the pot. Of course, you will need a CryptoPet to play and a rental system (and thus passive income for the CryptoPets holders) will be implemented.

CryptoDash is laying down the groundwork for the Omniverse, where gaming worlds will be accessible to all partners’ NFT collections, regardless of the blockchain they are based on. Glimmers of the technology being built are already evident in their virtual lounge, which connects different games and rooms together, as well as allowing players to display their NFTs through wallet connections. Our Solana native pets will be amongst the first NFTs to enter the Omniverse.

CryptoDash and their virtual lounge are already live, it's only a matter of time before the Omniverse makes its debut. Are you ready player one?

See you in the Omniverse!