BlackPool: how DAOs it work?

BlackPool is the world's first quantitative NFT hedge fund governed by smart-contracts and controlled by humans in a DAO structure.

BlackPool: how DAOs it work?

BlackPool has landed, and we're ready to take on the NFT gaming world and beyond...

BlackPool is the world's first quantitative NFT hedge fund governed by smart-contracts and controlled by humans in a DAO structure.

Similar to how hedge funds allow contribution in USD, the Blackpool DAO allows contribution in ETH and uses these to invest in NFT assets across many verticals, with the objective to generate value for xBPT holders.

BlackPool DAO

What is the use of BlackPool Token (BPT)?

BPT (ERC-20) is the governance token of BlackPool. BPT is essential for distributing its operations, ensuring that no central party can make decisions about how the platform operates.

BPT provides access to a vibrant, diverse, and dedicated governance system, which will eventually guide the protocol towards the future.

How will BlackPool Token be distributed and allocated?

BlackPool's chart for token distribution and allocation

There is a fixed cap of 100M BPT.

  • BlackPool DAO is allocated 50% of the total 100M BPT:
    • of which 40% go to contributors
    • and 10% to the DAO treasury.

This amount is vested linearly across 5 years.

  • The other 50% will be allocated as follows:
    • 48% Liquidity Mining & other growth initiatives
    • 1.5% Merkle Airdrop distributed on May 28th 2021 (ended June 6th 2021)
    • 0.50% reserved to seed early liquidity on:
      * Sushiswap on Ethereum (BPT/ETH)
      * ComethSwap on Polygon (BPT/MUST and BPT/ETH)

What is the benefit of holding BPT?

BPT acts as a proxy for the value created by the BlackPool DAO. It governs the totality of assets held by the DAO, the capital flows, the future distributions and the focus verticals.

Staked BPT (xBPT) receives the upside of the yield generated by the DAO.

What is the benefit of staking BPT?

BPT owners may be able to, in the future, vote on the frequency and  rate of BPT distribution, protocol fees or the possibility of launching BlackPool troops.

Staking BPT returns xBPT which represents your participation in BlackPool, and thus in the shared community ownership of blue-chip NFTs. Think of it as your cloakroom ticket to your precious BPT while a team of experts make the best of their value in the NFT world, across BlackPool’s different verticals.

By staking BPT you capture the value attributed back to BlackPool and will eventually give you governance rights as well as access to a range of other perks such as NFT’s and exclusive strategies.


Blackpool aims to revolutionize the way people look at NFTs and plans to build out multiple verticals that continually adapt to market conditions and deliver ongoing rewards for xBPT holders.

We are excited to have you on board and look forward to building the future of NFT management and quantitative trading.


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