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BlackPool Bulletin #56

Pri Narcisse
Malazdot / Pri / Narcisse

This week, Web3 brings us a flood of news, updates, and exploits. Epic games give us a cheeky flash of their audacity. Mercedes is keen to get in on the JPEGs, while Nike shows us it can do anything with its new EA collab. Atomic Wallet feels the heat with their latest exploit, and the Federal Reserve cranks up the printing machine. Read on to get the full scoop.

  1. Epic Games pours salt in the Web2 wound
  2. Mercedes gets in on the JPEGs
  3. Another Web3 collab for Gamestop
  4. The Fed floods the system
  5. Nike did it.. again!
  6. Starknet’s promising position
  7. CS:GO scrumptious data points
  8. Beacon’s rogue-like plans
  9. SFTX flops
  10. 0xTitans Season 2 is now LIVE!
  11. Atomic Wallet exploit
  12. The biggest NFT fumblers
  13. Machines Arena Sneak peek
  14. Popular NFTs take a tumble
  15. Game Spotlight - Neopolis

  1. Epic Games has balls of steel. Despite the hate and onslaught of backlash from Web2 gamers, they plan to launch 20 'NFT games' by year-end! Take that, salty bones!

2. What’s going on in the automobile industry? They’re all APE-ing into Web3.

Mercedes Benz Web3 Arm To Release NFT Collection With Digital Art Community Fingerprints DAO
Titled “Maschine,” the generative art collection was created by Dutch artist Harm van den Dorpel and draws inspiration from automotive concepts.

3. GME, the rising tide of Web3 gaming. Hodl on to those $IMX and $LRC bags!

4. Arthur Hayes dives in and gives us the low-down on how the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury are flooding the financial system with liquidity, cranking up the money printer to full blast. brrrrrrr

5. Nike does it again! Nike teams up with EA Games to provide an exciting utility for their Swoosh NFTs. It was only a matter of time..

6. Starknet figures are low, but don't freak out just yet. According to Starknet Digger, it's a good sign. Check out their thread for more deets!

7. Web2 gamers are screaming one thing, but the figures tell another story. Here are some sexeh data points on CS:GO's trading volume.

8. Key takeaways on The Beacon’s new direction and roadmap

9. STFX barely reached under $3M in trade volume in the last 8 months.. Shem

10. 0xTitans ‘The world cup of Web3 companies’ Season 2 has started. Stream it HERE!

11. The devs behind Atomic Wallet are in hot water after several users report losses of crypto assets, claiming funds held in their wallets vanished.

Atomic Wallet exploited, users report loss of entire portfolios
Atomic Wallet has reportedly been exploited, with users reporting complete losses of their crypto portfolios.

12. Please, don’t be Franklin.

13. The Machines Arena Game Preview: an upcoming Web3 4v4 shooter and possibly the next Overwatch?

The Machines Arena Game Preview: Is This the Next Overwatch? - Decrypt
Decrypt contributor Ryan S. Gladwin shares an inside look at The Machines Arena, an upcoming top-down 4v4 shooter from Directive Games that will offer NFTs minted on Ethereum sidechain network Ronin.

14. Popular NFT collections take a massive price hit in 2023

Popular NFT collections take massive price hit in 2023
Data from NFTGo shows that the Blue Chip Index went down to 7,446 ETH from its yearly high of 12,394 ETH back in July 2022.

15. Game Spotlight: Neopolis

Neopolis is a mobile game that merges the mechanics of Monopoly and Pokemon Go. Players engage in a free-to-play experience where they manage and trade real-world properties such as buildings and lands. The gameplay includes purchasing and upgrading buildings, hiring staff, and improving transportation capabilities. Climbing leaderboards adds a competitive element.

The game emphasizes guild-focused gameplay, encouraging players to join corporations and invest in lands to gain control over territories. The corporation with the highest investment becomes the Main investor. Members of successful corporations earn in-game resources and NFTs.

Neopolis introduces a Mayor game loop using web3 technology, where players can acquire their own lands and become mayors. Mayors can host events that benefit nearby players, with rewards based on land activity. Lands can be acquired through purchases or earned as rewards for exceptional performance.

The concept of "Decentralized LiveOps" is central to Neopolis, enabling players to actively create events and shape the gameplay experience. The aim is to provide a unique Neopolis experience in every village and city block worldwide.




Ape tips: Their latest NFT sale sold out in just 7 minutes, with over 10,000 NFT plots of land purchased.