BlackPool Bulletin #5

We know that our troops need to be one step ahead of the markets so our apes gathered the latest news about Play & Earn, NFTs, and Blockchain Games from the week.


This week : NFT Paris is coming, Spice Dao won their auction, Julien Bouteloup presents BlackPool's First year and The Australian Open launched its Chainlink powered Tennis Ball NFTs.

Tables of Content :

  1. There is no such thing as a coincidence
  2. 0xRyze definition of Play-to-Earn and the interest of growing your P&E in a responsible environment
  3. TokenBrice's thread on how the current Gaming NFT backlash is base on a lack of knowledge
  4. Julien Bouteloup and the growth of BlackPool in less than a year
  5. The problem of Cross-Platform items usability by Xavier Coelho-Kostolny
  6. Sorare growth and interoperability
  7. CryptoRaiders Guides and News
  8. Economics Design Play-to-Earn Report
  9. Xcopy and Play-to-Earn
  10. The Pudgy Pinguin controversy explained by 9x9x9eth
  11. Axie Infinity Ronin hidden alphas found by JDHyper
  12. Go GoG Go ! Podcast, Special Abilities and ROI
  13. Second Life and the Metaverse
  14. Aave Gang and the power of community
  15. The Australian Open, NFT and Chainlink with Ao.Artball
  16. Crypto wallets integration coming to Twitter
  17. Gm from Game of Block and new many games and documentation
  18. Hack3r.eth opinion on NFT Gaming
  19. Axie January Dev Update
  20. Ledger x Fendi, gonna flex in da metaverse
  21. Spice Dao, those who control the $SPICE control the DAO
  22. Treasure DAO and the decentralised Nintendo
  23. Zk Rollup Tweeter Storm by Odin-Free

1- There is no such thing as a coincidence, even in the Metaverse!

2- Two little threads by 0xRyze.  

The first one on how it’s important to set up systems that embody the value of responsibility in P&E games, and how the system shall spill fruit bountifully for all stakeholders.

The second one is laying down the definition of Play-to-Earn.

3- TokenBrice thinks the current NFT backlash for P&E is a matter of knowledge.

4- Our dear Julien wrote a long thread on the evolution of BlackPool: a $6M pre-seed round, metaverse, academy, scholars, Tokenomics, and... the Bulletin!

5- Xavier Coelho-Kostolny, a 3D Character Artist who worked on Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man and multiple others games explains how the cross-platform usability for items is not a viable thing.  

6- A point of view not totally shared by Nicolas Julia, Co-Founder and CEO of Sorare.

Sylvain Utard, head of engineering at Sorare is thrilled by the final numbers of 2021 and the goals for 2022.

The magic of Sorare by NepentheZ.

7- CryptoRaiders news and guides by 0x_ap and DiscoverXnft.

8- Economics Design just released its Economics of Play-to-Earn Gaming Economy report.

9- That’s the difference between Play-to-Earn and Play & Earn.

10. 9x9x9eth wrote a good long and important thread about the latest Pudgy Penguins controversy.

11. JDHyper found interesting hidden alphas on Axie Infinity Ronin.

12. GoG News for Guild of Guardians!

Tomahawk created an ROI table for the price of GoG NFTs.

GoG is teasing us with multiple heroes special abilities:





and the latest episode of Guardians United Podcast is out. This week's subject is the Community with Nick!

13. The Second Life creators are coming back to the Metaverse.

If you want to go deeper in the Rabbit Hole, Sylvqin is your guide to Second Life (Baguette speaking but subtitle available).

14. WaBjoern is sharing a good example of the power of community. A GotchiGang member made the mistake of his life, and was not REKT, thanks to the amazing gesture from Bearded, another AaveGotchi community member.

16. Crypto Wallets are coming to Twitter, with an integration powered by WalletConnect.

17. Game of blocks is on fire with new Mini-Games ! They published their full documentation if you want to check it, but first a good GM!

18. Hack3r.eth has a statement to make about NFT Gaming. What’s your opinion on it?

19. Axie just published its January Dev Update!

20. Ledger announced a partnership with the Italian luxury house Fendi with the release of tech accessories designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi.

21. Spice DAO, won the $2.66M Christie's auction for the Dune movie manuscript by Franck Herbet, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jean Giruand a.k.a Moebius. “The greatest movie that was never made” is closer to us now, thanks to a DAO.

For those interested, go watch the Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary.

22. John Patten, co-founder of Treasure Dao, explains how Magic is enabling a base layer on which everything can be built.

23. Want to know more about what happened in the ZK/Starkware ecosystem, Odin-free.eth is coming with a good Twitter Storm!

That’s all Folks! Have a great week and see you IRL this week in Paris for NFT Paris with S.A.M. and Julien Bouteloup as speakers!