BlackPool Bulletin #46

Pri Narcisse
Pri / Narcisse

This week on the bulletin: if you are struggling to make real revenue, you can always launch a token. Immutable and Polygon are joining forces to make a dent in web3 gaming. Macro thoughts on the direction of the Fed and an analysis of the Aave stablecoin GHO. Headfirst apes.

  1. Drama at DefiLlama
  2. Immutable X and Polygon join forces
  3. Is the Fed ready to turn the money printer back on?
  4. How to find the next narrative before anyone else? The answer is DeFi.
  5. GHO, the best new stablecoin in the making?
  6. A pretty trippy Otherside trip
  7. Magic Eden opening a gaming hub
  8. Sony putting their in-game items on the blockchain
  9. Gotchis getting their own Gotchichain
  10. EVE online raised $40m (and the bar)
  11. Five principles for blockchain games to have a future
  12. Weekly Nugget “Sharbound”

  1. Drama at DefiLlama
  • One of their cofounders pushed for the launch of a DefiLlama token because they haven’t been able to make any revenues up until now.
  • The other co-founder then threatened to fork the project under a new name with a new Twitter handle and domain, because he wasn’t feeling this new token idea.
  • Seems that they were able to sort things out for now, and it was all a big misunderstanding. Sorry apes, no airdrop farming anytime soon.

2. If you can’t beat them, you join them. Immutable X and Polygon are joining forces to lower the barriers of web3 and finally reach mass adoption. Their partnership starts with the development of a ZK Rollup on Immutable, powered by Polygon.

3. Rektdiomedes sharing some macro thoughts and his positions in the market. Do we need more things to break, or is the Fed ready to make the money printer go brrr again?

4. Defi is 100% on chain, so anything you need to know is right up for grabs. A short thread on how to use Token Terminal and find the next narrative before everyone else.

5. The depeg of USDC had everyone in a frenzy. Can GHO, the Aave stable coin, establish itself as the best solution in this ecosystem. ConsenSys reviews.

6. The 2nd Otherside trip is pretty trippy.

7. Marketplace wars are hard. Magic Eden is levelling up and adding a gaming hub to their platform. They are starting with highlighting 10 games across Polygon, Solana and Ethereum ecosystems.

8. Sony filed a patent that would allow consumers to use NFTs both inside and outside the Sony ecosystem.The move could be a major boon for the future of web3 gaming.

9. Aavegotchi is launching Gotchichain, their own blockchain to optimise the gaming experience. The chain will have instant transaction times, minimal gas fees and superior scalability, while maintaining the security of the Polygon PoS chain.

10. CPP Games, the makers of EVE Online, just raised $40m led by a16z to build a new AAA web3 game.

11. The founder of Mithraeum lays down five principles needed for blockchain games to have a future.

🔮 Weekly “Nugget”

Shardbound is an immersive, multiplayer collectible tactics game packed with rich lore, deep strategy, and cutthroat competition. It is built on the Ethereum Network, and you can register now for their pre-alpha season.

Link :  Twitter  | Website

📜 Readings :

#1 The Many Faces of Monetisation: Understanding the Diversity and Extremity of Player Spending in Mobile Games via Massive-scale Transactional Analysis

#2 From Novice to Pro: A Guide to Gods Unchained

That's all, folks: see you next week!