BlackPool Bulletin #26

BlackPool Narcisse
BlackPool / Narcisse

We have some bad news... No REKT this week :'(
Except that, a lot of gaming news, the Ballon d'Or on a Ledger, Azuki delivering good stuff & a bump about The Arcade.

Did you know we were organizing a web3 games tournament?

  1. An Alpha about CRV, Ape?
  2. Are NFT dead?
  3. Sorare NBA is now live.
  4. Azuki delivering the PBT (and not BPT).
  5. Konami hiring for their web3 development.
  6. More Happiness & Bloodshed.
  7. The Ballon d'Or already onchain.
  8. A new step in the games realism.
  9. What are your plans 4th to 6th of November?
  10. Aptos already comitting crimes.

And a special selections of Readings.

  1. Let's start with a clean and cool alpha about CRV.

2. Massive report + thread about the NFT Q3 Market.

3. And that's a third sport by Sorare.

4. Azuki delivering some cool innovations. Please don't mix BPT and PBT.

5. Are we really surprised to see massive companies preparing the web3 transition?

6. More happiness and Bloodshed. Genuinely excited to see where they are going!

7. How can you fit a Ballon d'Or in a Ledger???

8. Almost a Geoguessr experience.

9. Come to Lisbon, that's not a question.

10. How not to feel attacked by such a crime?

Special Ape Reading of the Week :

Sudoswap’s immediate liquidity is enabling NFT arbitrage :

DeFi abandons Ponzi farms for ‘real yield’:

Royalties Chaos Shows Ethereum NFT Market 'More Serious' Than Solana:

That's all folks, see you next week?