BlackPool Bulletin #25

BlackPool Narcisse
BlackPool / Narcisse

Big and small REKT, new adoption on OpenSea, some technical threads... A lot of fun news for the weekly update from your favorite Apes!


  1. How to use Blockchain Explorer correctly.
  2. A big thread about MEV and on-chain arbitrage.

3. Next-gen Zucc.
4. Smol rekt for Otherside?
5. Avalanche adoption on OpenSea.
6. Just a Shrapnel reminder.

7. The exciting Polygon ecosystem roadmap.
8. Google ready to snitch (again)?
9. The big REKT of the week...
10. ...and the REKT explanations.

  1. The best tools are often the cheapest.

2. A big thread about MEV and on-chain arbitrage.

3. Mark loves doing human things. Like breathing air, walking on the ground.

4. Pretty sure they work faster than Yuga, in terms of delivering new things.

5. That's what we call a big adoption step. OpenSea still integrating other ecosystems.

6. Talking about big Avalanche news, did we tell you that SHRAPNEL is coming to Lisbon??

7. If you read our previous Bulletin, you should be excited about scaling.

8. The good, the bad and... wait, where is the good?

9. Get REKT, but in a beautiful way.

10. But let's dive into it, and laugh again after.

And that's all for the fun news, folks!