BlackPool Bulletin #23

BlackPool Narcisse
BlackPool / Narcisse

Big corps teaming up for web3 announcements, Shrapnel killing the game, bozo reveals... A little bit of a calmer week, but still some fun in the news!


  1. StarAtlas & EpicGames teaming up.
  2. Shrapnel first trailer.

3. Another bozo in the NFT space.
4. Cross The Ages is live!
5. Bear Market? Not for everyone.
6. Better book your tickets to Lisbon soon...

7. A quick tl;dr about Cosmos.
8. Introduction to Lens Protocol.
9. Warner Music and OpenSea announcement.
10. The Bank of England

  1. What could possibly go wrong?

2. Did you heard about our lord and saviour Shrapnel?

3. Do you mean 99% of influencers are bozo shillers?

4. One of the most beautiful BCG is out in open beta, and made in France!

5. While 95% of the market is trying to survive...

6. We heard that something is cooking, maybe you should turn on the notifications?

7. A "quick" tl;dr about the Cosmos ecosystem.

8. If you don't already understand this little revolution, it's time.

9. BrokenSea and Warner collaboration. Why does it feel so empty?

10. You know, real stable money.

And that's all folks, warm up for the next weeks.